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Satisfy Your Chinese Food Cravings with Chow Time

Whether you're eating solo or if you're with the whole family, satisfying your Chinese food cravings is made easier.

Just a few weeks after launching Yang Gang, Mad Eats has released a new food concept — Chow Time. Chinese is no-fail comfort food for me and for anyone, and Chow Time delivers them in these iconic takeout boxes. Whether you’re eating solo or if you’re with the whole family, satisfying your Chinese food cravings is made easier.

Yang Gang’s Korean Fried Chicken and Cheese Crack Combo is Highly Addictive

The menu contains a small assortment of dim sum, hot plates, fried noodles, fried rice, and street snacks. All of which can be ordered a la carte, and come in servings good for 2-3. What’s great though is each meal is buildable so you can mix and match any item on the menu.

The Lucky Meal (starts at P168) gives you a dim sum of choice and steamed rice which you can upgrade to Chow Time Fried Rice which is a flavorful beef fried rice. There is also an option to have their stir-fried noodles, garlic sesame, or soy. A personal favorite is the garlic sesame which looks really simple but has a strong umami flavor

There’s also the Hot Meal (starts at P238) where you can choose from dishes like Sweet & Sour Pork, Five Spice Fried Chicken, and Black Pepper Beef Belly. Similar to the Lucky Meals, it comes with steamed rice but you can upgrade to the fried rice or noodles.


Last on the menu is the Easy Chow where you can find snacks and the only sweet treat on their menu, the Coconut Milk Hopia (P150). It’s cube-shaped and has just the right amount of sweetness to it. I love coconut so this is such a treat for me. They also have Wanton Crisps (P48) in hot & sour and BBQ flavor which you can easily snack on and finish in one go.

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Mad Eats is open for orders daily from 10:00 AM-8:00 PM. Order from Chow Time using their order form.

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