Samyan's Gai Tod Fried Chicken Cake

Eat Of The Week: A Thai Fried Chicken Cake for a Scene-Stealing Feast

The Gai Tod Cake of Samyan is taking essential Thai flavors and assembling them into a savory, show-stopping cake!

Not all cakes are meant to sweeten up the table. This one in particular want to fire it up with a lot of savory Thai flavors! If you want an eye-catching centerpiece for your holiday feastings, this Gai Tod Cake from Samyan is for you.

Gai Tod Cake by Samyan
Gai Tod Cake

Samyan’s Thai Chef Tonn is now serving his take on the trendy ‘Moo Tod Cake’ that is now a trend in Thailand, and uses a Filipino favorite as the cake topper: fried chicken!

If Koreans have their Yangnyeom, Thai has the Gai Tod — their street food offering of deep fried chicken with a lipsmacking marinade. Samyan’s Gai Tod Cake takes the Thai fried chicken and transforms it into a very festive rice cake, golden brown pieces of chicken atop layers of white rice.

The chicken itself is flavorful, marinated to bring in different flavors in one bite. There’s sweet with salty, sour with a little bit of spice. On the side there is a green chili sauce you can use to dress the cake with before serving. The sauce itself is so addicting and goes well with anything fried!

Gai Tod Cake

Underneath the pieces of chicken is a big cake of rice with layers of green papaya salad, shrimp, peanuts. It’s all of the elements of a hearty fried chicken rice meal in one show-stopping cake. The little detail of adding red chilis on top of the cake to look like birthday candles add more playfulness to its overall look!


The Dish:

Gai Tod Cake / Thai Fried Chicken Cake (P890, 7-inch cake)

Where to Find It:

Available for pick-up every Wednesday and Saturday at The Grid Food Market. Pre-order by calling 0917-7077459, fill up the order form at or The Grid’s new website. Self-pickup via car is highly recommended as the cake is fragile!

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