Yang Gang Korean Fried Chicken Manila

Yang Gang’s Korean Fried Chicken and Cheese Crack Combo is Highly Addictive

Yang Gang's Korean Fried Chicken and Cheese Crack are extremely addictive!

Just when you thought you’ve had enough of fried chicken concepts in Manila, Yang Gang gives us another bomb option. It is the first concept from Mad Eats, an online restaurant group that caters to good food that actually delivers.

Yang Gang describes itself as a painfully addictive Korean Fried Chicken brand, and I totally agree. I had to stop myself from finishing everything from their menu. What amazes me is how warm and crispy their fried chicken arrived at my place given the transit time. And that’s a huge deal especially now since everyone’s getting deliveries at home.

Korean Fried Chicken

They have six different fried chicken flavors to choose from, two are dry rubs and four are glazes. For the dry rub, if you want something classic, get the OG but if you want to bring some heat to your palate, order the Fire OG. For the glaze, there’s Soy Garlic, Sweet Curry, Yangnyeom, and Kimchi BBQ. I love anything spicy so the Kimchi BBQ was a hit to me.

[L-R] Fire OG, Sweet Curry, and Kimchi BBQ

Cheese Crack

Sure, Yang Gang wants to be known for their KFC, but wait until you’ve tried their equally addictive Cheese Crack Sauce. It’s the brand’s secret sauce to complete the whole experience. There’s the OG Crack, Kimchi Crack, and the Gochujang Crack.

The OG Crack is a cheese sauce that is perfect for the spicier chicken flavors, while the Kimchi Crack is a bit tangy and has a little kick compared to the former. When they said the cheese crack is great on anything, I actually tried it and wasn’t disappointed at all.


Yang Gang has sides perfectly curated to pair with their chicken. A few must-tries are the Chikin Skin Kimchi Fried Rice (P250), Jjangmyeon (P350), and the Cheese Bombs (P280) because you can never go wrong with cheese that’s coated with crunchy breading. Other sides are Steamed Rice, Crunchy Tots, and Rabokki.

Are you ready to order for the whole gang? Get the Gang Meals (P999/good for 4-5pax) which has either the OG or Fire OG and your choice of two flavors of fried chicken. Make sure to add some sides which everyone will surely love. If you’re living solo, the OG Meals (P250) is good for one and comes with your choice of fried chicken, sides, and crack.

Mad Eats is open for orders daily from 10:00 AM-8:00 PM. Order from Yang Gang using their order form.

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