Brownbaggins - Lemon Angel Cake

Eat Of The Week: A Heavenly Lemon Angel Cake for the Citrus Lovers

Like your desserts with a refreshing citrusy bite? Try this Joyous Lemon Angel Cake by Brownbaggins.

When it comes to desserts, there are the sweet-toothed that profess their chocoholic tendencies and on the other end of the spectrum, fans of the tart side who obssess with all things fruity and citrus. I myself lean toward the latter, willing to submit my appetite to the most lemony of creations made by friends and homebakers. For this edition of Eat of The Week, I am gushing about this citrusy, cloud-like wonder that is the Joyous Lemon Angel Cake by Brownbaggins.

Joyous Lemon Angel Cake by Brownbaggins
Joyous Lemon Angel Cake

Light and Lemony

Brownbaggins is inspired by the world of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings — from its name to its packaging and design. Behind the local brand are couple Mitchie and Jameson Jimenez: while the wife takes the lead in the kitchen, the husband is in charge of photography and orders.

Light and airy yet remarkably tart, the Joyous Lemon Angel Cake is the perfect Titas of Manila merienda. First off, you’ve got this gorgeous packaging that receiving this as a gift will definitely be a pleasant experience.

Brownbaggins cake box
Brownbaggins also packs their boxes with virtue cards — lovely quotes on different values such as courage and happiness. It’s a nice way to start a conversation around the table while passing around your slices of cake!

Secondly, it’s delightful to unbox because it reveals a beautifully garnishing of plump strawberries and blueberries. Definitely a great way to impress your amigas! It’s a kind of dessert that seems too pretty to eat. You simply cannot resist taking a photo or two before slicing away. It’s pristine, delicate, and as its name suggests, angelic.

Joyous Lemon Angel Cake

Last, but not least, it’s all about the taste. As angel food cakes go, this is like eating delicately fluffy clouds sprinkled with lots of lemony love. The cake itself is soft and airy and best consumed on the day it’s baked and delivered. Right in the middle of the cake is a layer of lemon curd that is remarkably tart. The perfect way to describe it is asim-kilig. The pull of the citrus flavor paired with the tender sponge cake is a delicious combination! Have a cup of coffee or tea ready when you serve this on your table.

The Dish:

Joyous Lemon Angel Cake (P1,000)

Where to Find It:

Order your cakes at Brownbaggins by filling up their online ordering form here. Advanced orders are required, as they need at least 2 days lead time to confirm your order. Orders are for pick-up; delivery to be arranged by customers. Follow Brownbaggins on Instagram and Facebook.

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