Sichu Malatang

Sichu Malatang offers Hotpot at home, starts at P550 only

Sichu Malatang makes having hotpot at home even easier!

Swish swish! Sichu Malatang offers authentic and affordable hotpot you can easily prepare at home.

Established in 2019, Sichu Malatang was born out of love for authentic Chinese flavors. Chef and owner Jeff Li wanted to bring something authentic from his frequent travels from his family’s homeland.

Their store is located at Double Dragon in Pasay City and offers the ultimate hotpot experience. Customers could choose ingredients from a rack and take it to the cooking station where an authentic Chinese chef will prepare it and serve it in a big bowl to your table. Since the pandemic, although they’ve remained open, they have decided to still give their customers the ultimate hotpot experience with their Home Kits.

Malatang which directly translates to “spicy, numbing soup” originated from Sichuan, a province in China. What’s great about hotpot is you can just throw anything in a broth and it would be amazing, if not extra flavorful. At Sichu Malatang, you can choose the soup’s spice level, the noodles, and fresh ingredients.

Malatang Home Kits

There are two bowls to choose from: 500g (P550) where you can choose up to 12 ingredients, and 1kg (P1,100) where you can choose up to 25 ingredients. In case the choices overwhelm you, there are also Signature bowls (P550/500g; P1,100/1kg) you can choose from — Pinoy Favorites Szechuan Style, and Meat Overload.

Some of the popular ingredients include: marbled beef, beef sirloin, pork belly, beef tripe, wood ear mushrooms, shiitake, enoki, lotus root, baby cabbage, spinach, bok choy, kangkong, cilantro, pork shrimp dumplings, Taiwanese sausage, smoked ham, Korean sausage, squid balls, crab roe stuffed balls, lobster balls, tofu, and crab sticks.

Other offerings

If you want to skip on the soup, Sichu Malatang offers Dry Pot which has the same ingredients and flavors as a hotpot would have without the broth. I was able to consume it two days after it was delivered but I just easily popped it in the microwave and it still tasted fresh.

They also have Assorted BBQ Skewers (P200) which has 5 sticks of shrimp, enoki ham, beef, fish tofu, and Korean sausage. And if you’re like me who loves enoki and garlic, the Baked Enoki (P280) is definitely for you. It’s a handful of enoki topped with lots of garlic and of course, authentic Chinese spices

Baked Enoki

Sichu Malatang is located at Double Dragon Plaza, Pasay. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for exclusive updates and offers.

Order the meal kit here.

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