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Eat Of The Week: These Four Cheese Mini Bibingkas Perfect For The Holidays

Bibingka Manila's new Four Cheese bibingka is a combination of melted cheese, kesong puti, queso de bola, and parmesan cheese in every bite!

Once we ease into the ‘ber months of the year and more Jose Mari Chan songs (and memes) are being shared everywhere, holiday food is just right around the corner! Noche Buena dishes will soon be on everyone’s mind and bellies, not to mention all the kakanin like bibingka to comfort us during the season.

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It’s a good thing stores like Bibingka Manila serve holiday flavors all year round. No need to painstakingly wait for December to devour some freshly baked bibingka! They’re insta-famous for soft and fluffy mini bibingka galapong by the box. A new gourmet flavor is rolling out to welcome the Christmas season: Four Cheese!

Four Cheese Bibingka: the new limited edition flavor of Bibingka Manila will be available for delivery starting Friday, October 30
Four Cheese Bibingka: the new limited edition flavor will be available for delivery starting Friday, October 30

Each mini bibingka gets a filling of melted cheese, and is topped with a slice of kesong puti and grated queso de bola. The fourth cheese is in the form of a parmesan crisp for added texture.

All flavors of Bibingka Manila (Salted Egg and Cheese, Ube and Cheese, Four Cheese) are available in Box of 6 and Box of 9

The bibingkas are always delivered on the day they are baked. So when you’re ordering, you’re sure to get a fresh batch once they send it to your doorstep! Heating the bibingka in the toaster oven for 5 minutes makes the queso de bola and parmesan extra crispy. The interplay of soft bibingka and crispy cheese was delightful in every bite! If you want it extra buttery, slather some butter before reheating. It’s an excellent match with hot tsokolate or salabat!


Bibingka Manila’s rice cakes aren’t served with grated coconut on top, because the grated coconut is already mixed in with the galapong batter!

The Dish: Four Cheese Bibingka (P450/Box of 6; P675/Box of 9)

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Where to Find it: Bibingka Manila, available for delivery starting Friday, October 30. They are open and deliver in Metro Manila from Tuesday to Sunday. To order, SMS/Viber +639175614997. Follow Bibingka Manila on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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