Babu Laksa Sushi Bake

Eat Of The Week: A Laksa Sushi Bake Inspired by the Spicy Asian Noodle Soup

Inspired by Babu's best-selling laksa, it features sushi rice generously drizzled with a layer of laksa-inspired sauce.

The Grid‘s Laksa is a best-seller for a good reason: the noodle soup is simply delicious! The dish is available in different options starting with a la carte dine-in at The Grid, freshly cooked from the Babu stall. You can also order it for takeaway and delivery. And with home dining being the norm of most during quarantine, The Grid also introduced a kitchen-friendly DIY Laksa Kit! The kit lets you easily assemble yourself a bowl at home whenever you wish. Now, the food hall is introducing a pretty crazy twist to laksa that totally works: a Laksa Sushi Bake!

Laksa Sushi Bake tray
Babu’s Laksa Sushi Bake, now available at The Grid

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A Brand New Sushi Bake Obsession

Inspired by Babu’s best-selling noodle soup, the Laksa Sushi Bake (P1,200) features sushi rice generously drizzled with a layer of laksa-inspired sauce that is creamy, spicy, and slightly sweet, with subtle flavors of coconut milk. Topping the tray of saucy baked rice are sauteed prawns, squid, and slices of fish cake that make every scoop a party in your mouth. One order also comes with packs of seasoned nori on the side.

Scoop up a sushi-sized portion of the rice and place it on the nori. Then wrap it like a taco, and pop it in your mouth. Make sure you get a good ratio of rice and nori in one go, because it makes all the difference! The sweet, spicy, and creamy flavors of the rice interplays with the crisp and salty seaweed. Every bite is this amazing combination of flavors dancing around your palate. Sweet, salty, spicy. Creamy, chewy, crispy.

It is terribly addicting that you may just get more than your fair share from the tray. Maybe you’ll realize that one order may just be good for two (it seems that way in my case). I’m not much of a fan of the many sushi bake iterations out there, but I am lapping every morsel of this version. It’s all about that incredible laksa sauce!

This dish won’t remind you of any sushi bake, really. Perhaps you can call it fusion, intersecting elements of the Asian noodle soup with an ultra trendy quarantine rice dish. Japanese meets Singaporean? Is Sushi Bake Japanese, even (I’d say it’s more Filipino)? Call it whatever you want, as long as you don’t sleep on it.

The Dish: Laksa Sushi Bake (P1,200 – Good for 4 to 6 persons)

Where to Find it: Babu (Stall 8) at The Grid. Call 0917-7077459, order online via or, or message The Grid on Instagram . The Laksa Sushi Bake is only available for Wednesday and Saturday delivery.

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