Firehouse in Alabang Serves Pizzas in 7 Minutes or Less!

The pizza joint in the South serves freshly-baked pizza with premium ingredients!

For the non-Southerners, Alabang can be a quite a drive and a hassle to go to from Manila. Still, though, there's always something that makes that drive worth it, what with all the restaurants and concepts that you can find in the area. Whether it's a cafe, ramen, or a Japanese place you're looking for, there's always a place to visit to satisfy whatever kind of cravings you have. 

If a good pizza place is what you're in search for, then something that's worth checking out in Alabang is Crimson Hotel's Firehouse Pizza. The pizzeria, which opened in October just last year, takes pride in its freshly-baked pizzas, cooked in their brick oven, and its casual-style dining, perfect for families and friends who want to bond and hang out over good pizza. 

Firehouse's menu is simple, yet they make sure that everything they serve stays true and authentic to its Italian roots.

For starters, they recommend the Burrata Salad (P550) among their selection of salads. This dish has garden tomatoes, mesclun leaves, doused in balsamic vinegar, and served with burrata cheese to balance out the strong flavor of the dressing. Those who love cheese and cold cuts, however, can try out the Antipasti Platter, which can also be enjoyed with a glass of wine. The platter comes  Solo (P380) or for Sharing (P700), which has flatbread assorted cheese, mushroom, olives, salami, prosciutto, artichoke, and pepperoni. 

Burrata Salad
Antipasti Platter (for sharing)

When it comes to pizza, Firehouse boasts of their selection which is all prepared fresh and cooked in their brick oven. The result is a pizza that has the perfect balance of a chewy and a crispy crust, with a smoky flavor, and served in less than 7 minutes! 

Aside from this, the pizzeria also lets its diners customize some of their pizza by giving them an option to choose which kind of mozzarella cheese they want on it. They can choose from Buffalo Mozzarella, Burrata, Bocconcini, Fior Di Latte, and Scamorza, each of which has a different kind of flavor complementing certain pizza toppings. 

Four-Cheese Pizza

Firehouse's pizza menu is divided into two: Classic and Signature. For those who want their pizza simple and with a lot of cheese, they can never really go wrong with their Four-Cheese Pizza (P480) which has Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Ricotta, and Mozzarella Cheese. There's also the classic Margherita, which has mozzarella, oregano, and basil leaves. 

Firehouse Pizza
Truffle Pizza

When it comes to their signature pizzas, one of the best picks should definitely be Firehouse, topped with the diner's choice of cheese, prosciutto, chorizo, meatballs, jalapeno, salami, arugula, and chili oil, which they made in-house. Another signature offering that is also off the menu is their Truffle Pizza, which aside from having truffle, is also topped with mushrooms and bechamel white sauce. 

Italian Soft Ice Cream

At Firehouse, one shouldn't really miss out on their Tiramisu (P150) for dessert, which is also a new addition to the menu. For the ice cream people, however, they can try their soft served ice cream in two flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate

Firehouse Pizza is at Crimson Hotel, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa. For more information, you can visit their official Instagram page. 

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