Rockwell Goes Streetside

Rockwell Goes Streetside Starting This September 25!

Scenes from the lockdown: Home-cooked meals on rotation, piles of dishes in the sink, the occasional take-out order delivered in plastic or brown bags. Everyone misses restaurant-quality food. But more than that, it’s the company, the ambiance, and the service. Dining is a social experience. And people long for that communal space where food is shared, time is spent with loved ones, and milestones are celebrated. Yet, public health remains a concern, a deterrent. 

Rockwell hears you. Starting September 25th and on succeeding weekends, Rockwell goes streetside dining at Lopez Drive, One Rockwell, and Santolan Town Plaza. Your neighborhood tambayan is back with more outdoor seating for a relaxing, pleasurable al fresco dining experience. All the safety protocols will be in place to make the experience worry-free. 

At Lopez Drive in Makati, customers may enjoy their favorite restaurants like Café Via Mare, a mano, Teppan Okochi, Mamou, Barcino, Single Origin, and Ooma, outdoors with more space and peace of mind. The same goes for One Rockwell — restaurants known for their superb dine-in experience such as Grace Park, The Test Kitchen, Tajimaya, Coco Ichibanya, UCC, and Nikkei — will now offer more al fresco seating. 

Over at Santolan Town Plaza which boasts of open spaces and lush greenery, the San Juan community can enjoy dining safely and conveniently at the new outdoor dining area located at the Pavilions, daily starting September 25th. Customers may order from any food kiosk, café, or restaurant, and have a safer experience at Santolan Town Plaza’s new al fresco dining spot. 

Customers may call the restaurant to book a table at the al fresco dining area at Lopez Drive and One Rockwell. To see the Power Plant Mall and Rockwell Center directory, please visit or see the list below. For Santolan Town Plaza, customers may simply proceed to the special outdoor seating area. Visit for the complete Santolan Town Plaza directory.




For more information, go to or visit Power Plant Mall and Santolan Town Plaza on Facebook and Instagram.

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