The Hungry Guide: Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Planning your next food crawl? Kapitolyo never disappoints.

Of the many places in the entire metro, Kapitolyo remains to be a premier food and chill stop for wanderers and adventurers alike. This prominent stretch in Pasig is so popular, people immediately associate this area to good grubs and great nights. It might as well even be the food capital of Manila since the ring of the place echoes so loudly of food.

If you’re picky with your chows, this shouldn’t be a problem as there is bound to be a good bite for you here. We’ve taken the liberty of listing down a few of the hottest spots to eat at in the Big K, whether with your friends or by your lonesome.

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Kusina Enrique Pinoy Klasik

Are you really Filipino if you don’t crave for Sinigang? Kusina Enrique Pinoy Klasik offers traditional Filipino just food the way you like them. Meant for diners who come in groups, their servings are enough to fill 2 to 3 people depending on appetite. Known mostly for their tasty mains, they also serve appetizers unmatched in both flavor and combination. Case in point, their Balut Ala Pobre—the Pinoy’s go-to evening street food partnered with garlic chips. Talk about #Foodnovation! To surprise your Filipino palate, try their Sour Soup of Tender Beef Ribs with Jackfruit a.k.a Sinigang Na Tadyang Ng Baka at Langka. It’s definitely one for the books. Their rates range from P200 to P500 per dish.

Image from Kusina Enrique Pinoy Klasik

The Black Boar


If you’re one who’s allergic to restaurants with a ton of positive reviews, then The Black Boar isn’t for you. However, if you’re out to stay true to the year of the pig, then revel in the porkdom that this bar and diner has to offer. Between P288 and P498 depending on portion size, customers get to sink their teeth into Black Boar’s flavorsome Porkchop and Pork belly. Other stars in this menu include Carson’s Bagnet consisting of fried pork and crab fat rice and their much-praised cheeseburger made with 200 grams of patty along with best friends mozzarella and cheddar.  If you’re down to licking your fingers, munch on their wings, SPAM fries, and chicken skin—all between P189 to P300 per serving.

image from The Black Boar

Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Perfect for romantic dates and breaking the ice, Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant does a swell job in living up to its Asian roots. This claim is reinforced not only by their servings of your daily Japanese delights but also by their staff’s warm hospitality. Those craving for the land of the rising sun’s zing and familiarity will enjoy their Tekka Donburi, Tawilis Karaage, Tempura Maki Sushi, and Beef Yakiniku. Rates go from 100-something bucks to a couple of hundreds over P1,000. Should you want to impress a boss, meet a potential business partner, or bedazzle a Tinder date, Haru is one to spark joy.


image from Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Sky High Bar – Ace Hotel & Suites

If you’re one to brave the heights for booze, dropping by Sky High Bar is imperative. While their Burger Poppers and Baby Back Ribs with Corn Cob and Fries are absolute must-trys, it is ultimately the view that attracts guests to keep coming back. Located on the 21st floor, millennials and the more mature market will enjoy every bit of this bar’s ambiance and food variety. Other popular picks include their Grilled Taiwan Sausage, Jalapeño Cheese Sticks, and Sausage Platter.  Alcohol-based confidence boosters such as Tequila Sunrise, Screw Driver, and, ehem, Blowjob are also in attendance along with other tita and tito favorites.  

image from Sky High Bar – Ace Hotel & Suites

Warung Kapitolyo

A unique entry in this recommendation list is Warung. Also one of the better-scoring resto bets among food critics, this Indonesian restaurant thrives in delivering a fresh Asian perspective in the palate department. Aside from a lush, earthy setting, frequents order their chicken skewers showered with peanut sauce (Sate Ayam), grilled fish marinated with spices (Ikan Bakar), and aromatic oxtail soup with exotic herbs (Sop Buntot) among others. For newbies, introduce your taste buds to this cuisine by starting with crispy-fried vegetable fritters locally referred to as Bakwan Sayur; then cap off your meal with Es Campur, shaved ice with diced fruits, chocolate syrup, and milk. A good meal will cost you a few hundred pesos depending on your orders, but a well-balanced meal for one calls for an estimated P400 – P500.  

image from Warung Kapitolyo


Bollywood superstardom may not be for everyone, but Indian cuisine is a cultural food selection that, thankfully, is very accessible to us Pinoys. Be it food for the soul or food for the ‘gram, Naan excels in incorporating Filipino flavors to their unique Asian brand of treats while trying to retain the integrity the dishes demand. Perfect for diners who crave for a fusion of cross-cultural tastes, this colorful culinary corner offers the curious Juan tasty vegetarian and meat-based choices. A complete meal includes one’s main course of choice, rice, naan, kachumber salad, yogurt, and Gulab Jamun. Combo meals are served in metal plates referred to by their locals as Thali—one that’s used to serve meals in India. Appetizers fall within the P160 – P220 price range, while other picks are priced between P200 – P450. 

image from Naan

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

With several branches in the capital, Kanto Freestyle Breakfast continues to carve their spot in the local food scene as they cook up morning treats served the entire day in ways very uniquely theirs. Whether it be their sophisticated servings of silogs or the semblance of modern day school canteens, this go-to brunch saloon offers an extensive menu from fluffy pancakes to Chocnut Champorado with Tuyo. Similar bestsellers are their mildly spicy Spanish Sardines Tempura and Crispy Corned Beef. What’s more, one’s dining experience is even made better because of their affordability. With most of their meals being below P150, one can leave a branch feeling energized and ready to take on the world until hunger strikes again.  

image from Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Epic Café

Have a thing for study dates and quick escapes to dainty spaces? Epic Cafe is as epic as it gets in the bistro world. Arguably one of the leaders in premium coffee around the area, this cutesy, wooden-themed cafe provides sugary goods in the form of pastries and flavored drinks. Meat lovers can also order thick cuts of Angus patty burgers or a heavy pork ribs meal; these or the many other all-day breakfast meals available.  Should you be in the mood for a good read or a relaxed binge-watching of your favorite subscription-based cable series, this might just be the haven for you. Rates are between a hundred pesos to three times that amount, depending on what you get for yourself.

image from Epic Cafè

Three Sisters' Restaurant of Pasig

While many of the mentioned restaurants here are unique in themselves, Three Sisters borrows a spot from another contender in the Filipino cuisine space. Having started as a simple noodle-whipping eatery, this full-grown restaurant has become home to many delectable dishes such as Pork Barbecue, Crispy Kangkong, Salmon Head, Kaldereta, and many more. From a design perspective, this cafe carries with it the feel of a modernized ancestral home, as if keeping up with the times to attract a market, but also preserving its brand as an excellent traditional food caterer of choice. Most menu items belong to the P100-plus bracket, but fees can double or triple based on one’s dish selection. Solo visitors can enjoy combo meals, but it doesn’t hurt to visit with a friend and split the bill, as non-combo orders are good for sharing as well.  

image from Three Sisters

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew 

There is an abundance of Pinterest-looking restaurants in this neighborhood, and Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew joins that group. Famous for their multi-colored murals and artistic ambiance, the place itself tells a story and holds a creative depth to it, transporting guests to Latin America in every visit. Aside from its festive feel, a customer’s real delight begins when they start eating. Burritos, street tacos, and salads are only some of their even broader choices. Soups and appetizers are usually the cheapest picks with prices in the hundred peso range; meanwhile, their mains are more or less P300. For a good tummy rubbing, prepare a thousand bucks for you and a friend.

image from Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew 


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