The Grid Potluck Selections

Feeding The Family? The Grid’s Potluck Selections is Perfect For Sharing

The Power Plant food market is serving bigger portions of their food stall specialties you can have delivered!

While we follow the safety protocols of quarantine, staying in is the new eating out. Food at home shouldn’t always be boring nor tedious to prepare, of course, as we have so many food delivery options to order online! For bigger appetites and larger households to feed, party platters and potluck trays are the way to go. The Grid at Power Plant Mall now offers many good-for-sharing potluck options across their different stalls for your fuss-free feasting at home!

The Grid Food Market Now Accepts Pick-Up and Delivery
GUIDE: Potluck Meals and Party Platters for Delivery and Pick-Up in Metro Manila

Turn your mealtime with the family from crummy to scrummy as The Grid serves you bigger portions of their stall specialties. From Japanese fare by Tsuke-men and funky Korean grub by Gochugang, to awesome Beefier burgers and wholesome eats by Granivore, The Grid can cater to a multitude of cravings and food moods. Each potluck order is good for 4 to 6 persons or 8 to 10 persons. Here’s a look at some of The Grid’s Potluck Selections dishes!

Potluck Selections:

Beefier (Stall 7)
Cheesier and Fries (P1,077 – Good for 4)

The Grid Potluck from Beefier
This tray includes 4 Cheesier cheeseburgers, with 100% freshly ground in-house smashed beef patties in custom-made potato buns, plus a side of fries

Gochugang (Stall 6)
Smoked Bacon Kimchi Rice Platter (P950, Good for 4-5)


The Grid Potluck from Gochugang
This Potluck Tray combines the meaty, smokey goodness of chunky bacon on top of kimchi fried rice, with fried eggs to make each spoonful a party in your mouth! Loved Parasite? Then you better try out their Steak Ramdon Noodle Platter, too!

Granivore (Stall 17)
Grilled Chicken and Orzo (P1,250)

The Grid Potluck from Granivore
If you want healthful, wholesome eats, Granivore is the stall for you. All their potluck trays need a 1 hour allowance to prepare, but the wait is worth it (just order in advance). The grilled chicken is served with a citrusy Sicilian orzo pasta and a side salad — so you get a good balance of protein, carbs, and veggies.

Tsuke-men (Stall 4) Sushi Bake Trays
Aburi Kakuni Sushi Bake (P1,000, good for 5 to 6 people)

The Grid Potluck from Tsukemen
This stall may be popular for their ramen, but don’t sleep on their new sushi trays! There are 3 flavors to choose from, and if you’re not much of a seafood person, the Aburi Kakuni is for you. This sushi bake’s star ingredient is tender braised pork belly mix, combined with cucumber, Japanese pickles, and toasted sesame seeds.

WATCH: Make Your Own Tsukemen Ramen with The Grid’s Take Home Tsuke-Men Kit
VIDEO: Have The Grid’s Best-Selling Laksa at Home with The DIY Laksa Kit

The Potluck Selections include dishes from the following The Grid stalls: Bucky’s, Flower Boy, Gochugang Korean Eatery, Tsuke-Men, Beefier, Babu, Pigeon Hole, Bun Appetit, Granivore, and Samyan Thai Street Food.

To order The Grid Potluck Selections menu, visit to fill up the order form. You can also call them at call 0917-7077459 and send them a message on Facebook and Instagram.

Looking for more Food Delivery options while staying home? Click on this link and browse more food and drink to order. Share your recent potluck finds and good eats with us on ClickTheCity Connect!

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