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WATCH: Make Hotpot at Home With Champion’s Easy Hotpot Kit

Craving for tasty noodle soup you can easily prepare at home?

Eating at home doesn’t have to be boring — you can bring the hearty hotpot experience to your doorstep, especially during cold rainy nights that call for noodle soups to soothe the soul. If you want to recreate a hotpot feast at home without slaving in the kitchen, then the Easy Hotpot Kit from Champion Hotpot is made for you.

The hotpot restaurant recently packaged their signature hotpots into convenient DIY kits that’s perfect for rainy MECQ days spent at home.

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Each Easy Hotpot kit is good for 2 to 3 persons, and it comes in five different broths. Also, the kits have a 3-tiered pricing: Special Set for P890, Sukiyaki Set for P890, and Premium Set for P1,090.

Chicken Coconut Easy Hotpot Kit by Champion
This Premium Set in Chicken Coconut includes Champion Broth, Garlic Sate Sauce, assorted Champion Balls, Beef Shortplate Egg Noodles and Assorted Vegetables

The Chicken Coconut Premium Set (P1,090) includes everything you need for a perfect hotpot meal at home. All you’ll need from the kitchen are your serving bowls and a pot to cook all the ingredients in!

Champion Hotpot's Chicken Coconut Set
Chicken Coconut Premium Set
Easy Hotpot by Champion

Craving for tasty noodle soup you can easily prepare at home? Watch this video and see how easy it is to prepare hotpot with the Champion’s Easy Hotpot:

To order, call 09177034517 or fill up their online form: Follow Champion Hotpot on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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