Rain or Shine, Foodpanda is Ready to Deliver

Rain or Shine, Foodpanda is Ready to Deliver

Be it a sunny day or a rainy day, foodpanda will deliver your needs to your doorstep!

The unpredictable weather is insane, one day it’s sunny and the next day there’s a rainstorm. Weather the storm (pun intended) and allow the country’s on-demand delivery service foodpanda to become your daily partner in delivering your favorite food and daily essentials.  Whether you’re missing your favorite comfort food or you need something from the grocery store quickly, there’s no need to head out because foodpanda got you covered.

Rain or Shine, Foodpanda is Ready to Deliver

From drizzle to downpour, hot or humid weather, errands outside the comforts of your home could become a hassle. Instead of worrying about a grocery run, stressing about the weather or dreading the   long lines, simply log on and check out foodpanda shops. Your pantry or fridge refill needs is just a click away. From bread, meats, seasonings, spices, to anything canned, the app presents a great way of shopping for your daily essentials: accessible and easy.

Hungry? Stay inside the comfort of your home and let foodpanda deliver your favorite food in less than 30 minutes.  From your favorite sinigang, to sisig and even some classic pork barbeque, foodpanda got your back. 

Who says it’s only for those who juggle the demands of work and household chores? Trust that when all you want is to curl up on the couch, wrap yourself in a blanket, or spend the evening binge-watching the latest tv series, all you’ll ever need is to reach for your phone and open the app. Spicy Korean noodles? Freshly roasted chicken? Maybe pasta and pizza? foodpanda got you covered. 

Enjoy up to 50% off and free delivery for selected restaurants and shops this July Skip the unnecessary stress to get all the things you need, want or fancy. Download the foodpanda app now and get your favorite food and your everyday essentials delivered straight to your doorstep.


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