12 Unique Ice Cream Flavors You Can Taste All Year Round

Here's a list of delightfully strange ice cream flavors that'll help you keep your cool no matter what the season!

You can very well count using only one hand how many times it’s rained in the past couple of weeks. Summer has indeed arrived, and it continues to make a statement by letting everyone feel how warm it is. Add that to water supply not being as steady as it used to be, too. Thankfully for us, however, there is no shortage of cold, creative treats that help us combat the hot weather, no matter what month and season. 

If you’re tired of the usual creamy delights and regular, everyday pastries, here are a few good ice cream flavors that will make you scratch your head and look twice before indulging in full force. 

1. Sampaguita, Illustrado

Image: Illustrado 

You would think that the national flower is a sight to behold. And it is! But did you also know that the Sampaguita is a treat you could savor? Among many of Illustrado’s hearty meals and flavorful pastries is this ever unique flower-tasting ice cream! If you’re going the healthy route, perhaps this is the choice for you. No one ever goes against plant-based snacks, right? At only P250 a serving, treat yourself to a dessert that screams distinct Filipino goodness in every spoon.

2. Bacon Crisps, Joseph’s Craft Ice Cream

Image: Joseph's Craft Ice Cream

Is it considered breakfast or dessert, if your ice cream has bacon in it? Joseph’s Craft Ice Cream sure knows how to whip out a porky delight out of a much-loved after-meal. Whether you be in the mood for something sweet or salty, there is no going wrong with this cool confection. For just P190, you get a cup full of a fusion you don’t see and relish every day.  And hey, who doesn’t like bacon? Any opportunity bacon presents itself is a chance you should grab right away!


3. Champorado at Dilis, Sebastian’s Ice Cream

Image: Sebastian's Ice Cream

 Perhaps one of the strangest culinary spectacles in this list is Champorado at Dilis. Who would have known that a dessert parlor such as Sebastian’s Ice Cream could render such an original twist to a renowned Pinoy snack? Those who are big chocolate rice porridge fans will be more than elated to know that their preferred picking of choice can now be consumed as a cold offering—and with Dilis at that! You’d think this is a weird combo that defies pleasurable taste, but its many positive reviews say otherwise. Prices start at P155. 

4. Black Buko Sorbet, Manila Creamery

Image: Manila Creamery

Manila creamery is definitely not your ordinary ice cream parlor. Have you ever had black buko sorbet? Never? Well, it’s not too late. This well-known ice cream chain offers this treat guilt-free, dairy-free, and at an affordable price! For simply P100 a scoop, snag yourself a cone of this gray-colored Filipino summertime staple. What better way to consume your buko juice than to finish it as a chilled and creamy goody? And at such a delightfully aesthetic color, too!

5. Avocado Crunch, Elait

Image: Elait

They say no generation has exalted and exclaimed about Avocado as much as millennials. We don’t have the exact data of that for now, but Elait might just help us prove that claim. If you don’t already know, a quick trip to Google will automatically tell you that this fruit of South Central Mexican origin has multiple benefits. Should you be one on a rigid diet, Elait’s Avocado crunch can rid you of the longing for ice cream and the sense of guilt after giving in to a craving. Taste its uniqueness for just P140!


6. Roasted Forbidden Rice, Papa Didi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream 

Image: Papa Didi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream 

Here’s an ingredient you’d never expect from ice cream: black rice—well, forbidden black rice to be exact. Opposite to its intriguing name, this is one “forbidden” dessert you can snack on without the shame. Mixed with the perfect blend of milky goodness and every other element that make up perfect tasting creamy delights, Papa Didi’s Handicraft Ice Cream dares to break dessert boundaries by whipping inventive culinary creations. Starting at just P75, you can also sign yourself up for other out of this world flavors such as Mango Ginger and Dulce Gato, among others.    


7. Yakult, Black Scoop

Image: Black Scoop

Thanks to the Netflix movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, there’s been a brief uproar on social media as to whether or not Yakult is actually “Korean yogurt.” Whatever the case, Yakult has been around Asian household pantries for as long as we can remember, and there really is no debate there. If you’re a religious follower of the probiotic milk beverage, rejoice! Emerging cafe and dessert hub Black Scoop has Yakult-flavored ice cream for only P120! Depending on your liking, you can add toppings and dips, too!


8. Taho, Bono Gelato

Image: Bono Gelato

Nothing beats the healthy gulp of fresh-tasting taho in the morning. And if there’s anything better than that, it would have to be Bono Gelato’s Taho ice cream variant. Made tastier with tapioca and coconut syrup, this soy-based gelato is a treat for any streetside dessert fanatic. While there aren’t that many branches for this dessert parlor, their customer feedback continues to soar, so checking them out can do you no harm at all. Go ahead and give Taho ice cream a try for only P130 a scoop!


9. Chili Chocolate, Gelatissimo

Image: Gelatissimo

From an ice cream brand we just can’t get enough of, comes a crazy ice cream flavor that remains to thrill many adventurous foodies and spicy food-lovers alike. Gelatissimo’s Chili Chocolate is both insatiably fiery and heavenly cold at the same time. How can two opposing sensations feel so good in the mouth, you ask? We’ll let you answer that on your own. If you haven’t sampled this striking creation of a combo just yet, Snag a scoop for only P120!

10. Black Sesame Ice Cream, Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain

Image: Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain

When you think of black sesame, you don’t automatically think of ice cream, do you? Well, Farmacy might just change that with their Black Sesame ice cream offering. If you’re down to sampling a dessert that’s a little more bitter on the taste, this one’s for you. On top of feasting on black-colored ice cream, this luscious tidbit feels like a delectable trip to the unknown. Prices start at P150.


11. Beer and Chicharon, Carousel Creamery

Image: Carousel Creamery

No other culture in the world loves the beer and chicharon duo as much as Filipinos. Whether heartache or victory, there's always room (and time) for beer! This time, however, Carousel Creamery is pushing the envelope! Experience the Pinoy's favorite alcoholic beverage partnered with enticing  pork rinds ice cream-style! It doesn't matter if you're sad or happy. Treat yourself for only P95 a scoop!


12. Spanish Bread Ice Cream Flavor, Merry Moo

Image: Merry Moo

If you ask a regular Juan to name, right off the bat, five breads he’s familiar with, Spanish bread has got to be somewhere in there. After all, we do carry such a long and impactful history with Spain. On that note, we’ve come to call our own, in an endearing, almost intrinsic kind of way, this very particular bread variant. Merry Moo, yet again, continues to wow us with one of their many interesting bets in the ice cream department. This flavor not only brings you back to the nostalgia of breakfasts at home with the family, it also makes you appreciate the vibrant, ever-expanding ice cream business in all of its complex, tasty glory. If you're interested, prices start at P115.

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