Hong Kong’s Tea Salon Flamingo Bloom Will Be Opening in SM North EDSA This May 31!

The company is known for using nothing premium loose-leaf teas and all-natural ingredients!

Flamingo Bloom is excited to announce its debut in Hong Kong, opening its doors in SM North, The Block on May 31, 2019. The homegrown company sets out to redefine local tea culture with premium loose-leaf teas, all-natural ingredients, and stylish surrounds.

Healthy and hydrating, tea is deeply rooted in Hong Kong culture. Over the centuries, tea has played many roles in traditional wellness practices and beauty regimes — not to mention the city’s social fabric. But despite its wide consumption, there are few contemporary options available for urbanites on the go.


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That’s where Flamingo Bloom comes in. Just in time for the sweltering summer, Flamingo Bloom introduces its handcrafted floral teas on Stanley Street, where the chic tea salon will lure you in with its botanical decor and pops of colour. The commitment to quality continues into every Flamingo Bloom product, from Highland loose leaf teas, such as Honey Orchid Black, to fresh fruit and boba, cane sugar and double-purified water.

Flamingo Bloom’s all-natural teas are made-to-order and contain no synthetic additives, ingredients or powders. Every tea has been carefully chosen from high altitude tea regions in China and Taiwan, where fewer pesticides are used in the cultivation process.


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“Despite the long tradition of tea drinking in Hong Kong, it can be struggle to find all-natural, high-quality and healthy takeout tea,” says founder Benjamin Ang, who is also behind award- winning restaurants Dragon Noodles Academy and Social Place. “As tea drinkers ourselves, Flamingo Bloom also values total transparency. To ensure every customer can see exactly what’s in their cup, Flamingo Bloom teas are crafted by talented tea-baristas at the open bar.”

What’s on the menu? The experience begins by choosing one of four base teas: Jasmine Green Tips tea from Fujian; Highland Oolong from Taiwan; Chrysanthemum Pu'er from Yunnan; and Honey Orchid Black tea from Sichuan. A less mainstream tea, Honey Orchid Black is a soothing choice, featuring a nutty taste and delicious caramel aroma.

Smashed Strawberries Jasmine Tips Green 
Fresh Fruits Highland Oolong

Flamingo Bloom brews fresh batches of these base teas every four hours, using only whole tea leaves — never dust or powder — and double-purified water. Crafting these high-quality, loose- leaf teas is an art itself. The Jasmine Green tea, for example, is extremely delicate, requiring specific conditions to brew properly. If either the temperature or timing is off, even by a tad, then the resulting tea will taste bitter and lose its amazing aroma.

After choosing a base, customers can enjoy their tea over ice, or dress it up with fresh fruit, boba, matcha, French rose, or a salted milk cap — a decadent crown of creamy milk and cheese that’s been whipped using a secret technique. Every cup is totally bespoke, even down to the amount of sugar cane content.

Lime Orange Lemon Jasmine
Oreo Milk Cap Oolong Latte

In addition to custom choices, Flamingo Bloom offers a few signature combinations, including Intense Orange x Jasmine Tips Green; Boba Pearls x French Rose x Highland Oolong; Smashed Strawberries x Jasmine Tips Green; Fresh Fruits x Orchid Black Tea; Salted Milk Cap x Chrysanthemum Pu’er; and Boba Beetroot Milk. Every Flamingo Bloom tea finishes with a cocktail shake to create an airier, frothier and more fragrant brew.

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