Eating ‘Dampa’ Style in Metrowalk

Try Ortigas' very own 'dampaan'- the Metrowalk Seaside Palengke.

Before going to one of Metrowalk’s paluto restaurants, you have to consider
whether you want to buy your food fresh at the palengke that is right
next to the row of restaurants, or if you’d rather
order a la carte. But why pick the latter when you can ensure the freshness of your seafood and meats when buying from the palengke?



If you decide to buy your seafood and/or meats yourself, pick any one of the paluto
restaurants and have them cook your food according to your serving preferences.
Aling Tonya’s restaurant is popular among locals and they’re known for their
speedy and efficient ‘service with a smile.’

” align=”right” hspace=”10″>Try the crab! Have the paluto cook it with salt and pepper sauce or a rich,
butter and garlic seasoning. And don’t forget to have a sampling of the fresh
seaweed, which is absolutely delectable (not to mention healthy) when served
with tomatoes, onions and a vinegar dipping sauce on the side.

See you at the dampaan!



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