There's a new kid on the (Edsa Shangri-La Mall) block - Greek Restaurant, Cyma.

says Nino. But the two are cautious about keeping the integrity of the recipes, most of which Robbie learned from an 85 year-old woman in Greece while working at her restaurant. – Feature Video

Fittingly, most of the entrees on the menu have two types of portions: ‘solo’ and ‘to share.’ The solo is plenty (even for two!) and the share portion is usually big enough for four people to sample.



Cyma’s menu is a visual feast. It includes symbols for vegetarian dishes (green), chef recommendations (orange), and extra virgin olive oil (yellow) – a nice touch that not many restaurants take the time to do.

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“You’ll notice that we have an open kitchen here at Cyma. This is so that the guys in the back – runners, cooks, servers – can have the satisfaction of knowing who is eating their food. They can see your reaction from there! And it also keeps them on their toes. You don’t see any cooks here wearing a sando with their bellies hanging out. Our operations are completely transparent” confirms Nino.

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