Experience the underlying love of good food and good company at this elegant yet homey restaurant.

Carrying the tagline, “Where good friends dine,” and only a little under two months since it first opened to the public, Serendra Circle’s latest Pinoy food addition has people lined-up to experience the underlying love of good food and good company that they have to offer. From the theme to the food and service, your money is worth every minute spent in this elegant yet homey creation.

The founder and president of the LJC Group of Restaurants (Café Adriatico, Café Havana, Bollywood), Mr. Larry J. Cruz (LJC), pays homage to his father, Abe Cruz, and his works through the founding of Abe restaurant. Respected writer and artist Emilio Aguilar “Abe” Cruz (1915-1991) was considered a bon vivant and gastronome in his time. This Manila-born Capampangan has literally eaten his way around the world, a result of his position as ambassador for UNESCO in the 70’s. Abe’s menu reflects a selection of his Filipino favorites, from old Binondo to his favorite Capampangan dishes and other regional recipes as well. In addition, Abe’s foodie artist and writer friends have shared their favorite recipes with the restaurant, such as Thelma San Juan with her mother’s Rellenong Mais.

Abe Restaurant presents its clients with sophisticated, elegant and traditional Capampangan food, in addition to its old Binondo, Filipino and World dishes. Mr. LJC himself vets every dish on the menu to make sure that each one has been prepared carefully and served with love.

The must tries are the Paco Fern and Tomato Salad (P130.00, appetizing greens with salted egg, tomato and vinaigrette dressing); Spicy Sisig Pampanga(P155.00, minced pork jowl and chicken livers sautéed in garlic that’s great with rice); Cassoulet (P375.00, a French-style duck stew that captivated the ambassador during his diplomatic stint); Pastel de Lengua (P295.00,. tender and savory ox tongue cooked to perfection and matches flawlessly with its tasty pie crust topping). Match these dishes with a Tamarind Shake(P110.00) or Ambassador Cooler (P99.00, mango, dayap & guava with fizz). For rice lovers out there, unlimited servings are to be had for only P45.00. Most dishes are good for 2 to 3 people.

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