8 Cookies You Can Get For P55 or Below in Metro Manila

Chocolatey, chewy, and cheap. These cookies definitely have it all.

All of us have a favorite snack that sends us straight back to childhood. Cookies, in all their chewy, chocolatey glory, is one of those sweet little bites that we will never probably outgrow. There will always be a place in our sweets-loving heart for these snacks, whether it be for the sake of nostalgia or the need for convenient bites to curb some sugar craving. They are classic, versatile (no matter what flavor or frills you add to them), and always worth the calories. Wanting to have a bite of one right now? We listed the best cookies you can grab for P55 pesos or below.

1. Mister Donut Chocolate Chip Cookies
Price: P22
Available in 7-11 and Lawson branches

Mister Donut may be known for its donuts, but it does a pretty good job in its cookies as well. At only P22, you get a piece that’s just a little bit bigger than the size of the palm. Though a little bit on the doughy side and with no very visible sprinkling of chocolate chips on the surface, these cookies are baked with just the right amount of sweetness that won’t make it too hard for you to finish a piece. They're not really ideal for milk dipping since they are soft and easily crumble, but they’re perfect with a cup of classic brewed coffee.

2. Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie
Price: P35

Image: Subway Philippines

You can’t really say you’ve had a true Subway experience unless you tried telling the cashier last minute to add a piece of their chocolate cookie to your order. Despite its affordable price, the sandwich place does well with this snack which is freshly-baked every day. For only P39, you get a chewy cookie that is soft enough to easily take a piece off and is generous in size – and chocolate chips. Expect a slightly bittersweet taste from its chocolate sprinkles and a very subtle burnt flavor that, instead of being unpleasant, perfectly melds with the flavor of the chocolate drops. Want something chocolatier? Go for Subway’s Double Chocolate Cookie instead.

3. Tsuiteru Dessert Bar
Price: P35

From the minds behind Harina Artisan Bakery and Monsees Cafe comes this dessert bar that specializes in affordable sweets and other baked goodies. Tsuiteru Dessert Bar may not have a physical store yet, but it does have an extensive lineup that ranges from the classic biscocho to preppy panda bread and cakes. A regular in food bazaars, one of the first things that will catch your eye is their selection of cookies. Their Chewy Chunky Choco is one of its favored classics, thanks to the chewy bite it offers and the not-so-sweet flavor that seems to be balanced with a subtle hint of saltiness. Instead of small chocolate sprinkles, their cookie comes with three coin-sized chocolate drops in the middle. You can find Tsuiteru Bar in weekend food markets and food stalls but you can also order online for their desserts.

4. Family Mart Chocolate Walnut Cookie
Price: P39

Japanese brand Family Mart has been changing the convenience store game ever since it came to the Philippines. You can find everything here, from quick snacks to filling boxed meals that don’t skimp on quantity despite their friendly price point. Probably one of the most popular items from its roster, however, is its pastries, specifically the Chocolate Walnut Cookie. For only P39, you get a piece that can rival even the higher-priced (and better marketed) cookies in the market. Each cookie is bigger than the palm of the hand and comes with a generous drizzling of chocolate chips on the surface. They are soft and chewy but have better resistance so they don’t easily crumble with every bite. The walnuts are not easily seen on the surface, but you definitely get their flavor and crunch in the middle. Other than its cookies, Family Mart also sells muffins and doughnuts that are as good as they are affordable.

5. Mrs. Fields Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie
Price: P49

Image: Mrs. Fields

Originally a sweets shop from Colorado, Mrs. Fields has established a name for itself here in the Philippines as one of the go-to places for pastries like brownies, muffins, and of course, cookies. Its Chewy Chocolate Cookies are not as big as the other ones on this list, but what it lacks in width, it makes up in thickness and flavor. Its cookies do not feel overly doughy despite its density and come packed with bits of chocolate in the middle for that perfect sweet surprise. You can either buy per piece or per pack – Mrs. Fields even offers a number of packaging options like tins and mugs which makes for a perfect gift presentation.

6. CookieBar Cookies & Sweets Choco Chip Stuffies
Price: P50

CookieBar Cookies & Sweets

The Stuffies from CookieBar may look like your regular old cookies at first, but as plain as they look on the outside, they will definitely surprise you once you sink your teeth into them. Each piece is stuffed with a variety of fillings inside like Nutella, Reese’s, Brownie, TimTam, and Mallows. Think of it as a cookie surprise, with the outer layer hitting just the right amount of sweetness so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the burst of flavor waiting in the middle. We recommend you pop a piece into the microwave for a few seconds to let the stuffing melt a little bit for that gooey, messy snacking experience. CookieBar also offers other sweets like the Cookie Shot Glass – a shot glass shaped chocolate chip cookie with chocolate lining inside that you can fill with milk or ice cream.

7. My Cookie Lab Chocolate Whoopies
Price: P55

Image: My Cookie Lab

What’s better than one cookie? Two cookies, of course! My Cookie Lab has its own version of Chocolate Cookies, but we’d like to give a special mention to their whoopies – they're basically two cookies pressed together with creamy chocolate ganache filling in the middle to form a sandwich. The softness of each piece is just enough for it not to be too tough to bite and it has a wonderful medley of flavors that are not too saccharine. P55 is definitely a good price point, given that you basically get two pieces of cookies in a pack, too. If you’re really set on buying something below P50, however, their chocolate cookies is a good alternative (they only retail for P35 each). You can drop by their store in Quezon City or have your orders delivered to your doorstep.

8. Cake Muncher Manila Brookies
Price: P20 per piece/P170 for a box of ten

Here’s another hidden gem that deserves all the love. Cake Muncher Manila solves the dilemma of those craving for the ultimate sweets overload with their brookies, a combination of brownies and cookies in one. Chewy and firm, their cookies perfectly mix the darker flavors we love so much about brownies with the lighter ones from the classic chocolate chip variety. We recommend to pair them with an equally dark roast during snack time – or breakfast if you want, because who's stopping you, right?

Cake Muncher’s cookies are a little bit on the smaller side, but you definitely get bang for your buck with its super affordable price point! You can drop by their physical store in Quezon City, but you can also have your cookies delivered, too. P.S. You definitely have to order a box of their revel bars while you’re at it. For only P40, you get a soft oatmeal cookie bar that has generous chunks of chocolate inside.


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