There's more in store for chocolate lovers in the new Serendra branch.

While Xocolat aims to bring the chocolate flavours of the world and offers the perfect alternative to the coffee landscape, it proves to have reinvented itself in the form of martinis and elixirs, and has driven itself to paying homage to the original cup of hot chocolate. Another insight would be how guests would mistake this place as an international franchise. I would be one of those once fooled. You’ll be surprised to know how Filipino Xocolat is and how most of their resources, aside from the imported chocolates, are locally produced.

Nothing can make me feel better than anything in the form of chocolate. So, the quest for anything chocolate is a continuous activity for me. As Xocolat can be considered one of the best hangouts for self-confessed chocolate addicts like me, and of course, the proprietors of this rather striking piece of work, what’s interesting is that it is the most unique amongst its sister branches. Aside from being the only chocolate lounge from the usual cafe, it is the only branch that offers chocolate martinis, elixirs and the like chocolate concoctions.


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