Crepe de Chine

Crepe de Chine fuses Asian and Western cuisine with their delightfully different crepes.
Crepe de Chine creatively fuses Asian and Western cuisine with their delightfully different crepe creations. Imagine traditional Filipino food like Adobo or the Chinese staple Yang Chow enveloped in a thin pancake, and drizzled with savory sauce. Find it hard to picture? Then you’ve got to try their crepes yourself!

” style=”float:right;margin-left:10px;”>Crepe de Chine’s menu boasts of unusual yet delectable fusions of Asian, French, Italian and other Western cuisines. Reinventing the usual way of serving crepes, they serve Starter Crepes, which are the salads that we are familiar with, rolled into a thin layer of crepe. Their Savory Crepes have different meaty fillings such as seafood, beef, chicken and pork. For the less adventurous, play-it-safe customers, they need not worry – Crepe de Chine is not just about their signature crepes, they also have pasta, pizza, sandwiches and pandesal to satisfy your appetite.

Delectable Dessert Crepes: Mangoteena and Mad Nutter

Even though by the end of our second Crepe Meal we were all getting pretty full (after all, we did eat three kinds of crepe and a bowl of pasta!), we still managed to find some room in our tummies for some Dessert Crepes. Diana of Crepe de Chine recommended to us Mangoteena (P155), while my friend Kaken suggested we try Mad Nutter (P165). And so, we order both crepes, our stomachs surprisingly managing to accomodate all the food we took in that day. Mangoteena is a sweet crepe with mangoes, caramel, honey crunch, topped with a vanilla ice cream. It reminded me of the taste of honey crunch cake from Red Ribbon, it was very sweet, my kind of dessert. The Mad Nutter on the other hand is a deliciously nutty crepe with banana slices, chocolate chips and chocolate syrup, and also topped with ice cream. The crepe was sinfully rich!

And so, our lunch at Binondo ended, our tummies happy and full. I tell you, it is definitely worth your time to go to Binondo and eat at Crepe de Chine. Parking is free and spacious in the building, and commuting is easy via LRT and jeepney. Do visit Crepe de Chine if you want delicious crepes served with a twist.


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