Cuptails & Dreams

Reena Francisco's cocktail-inspired cupcakes taste as good as they look.

There’s something about cupcakes that puts a smile on my face. It could have something to do with the multi-hued frosting and the way it curls up into a fine point on top of a fluffy cake of my choosing. Perhaps it’s the sprinkles, bringing me back to my childhood, along with many failed — yet enjoyable — attempts at baking with my mom or at sleepovers with friends.

Reena Francisco of Cuptails & Dreams understands the deep attachment that her urban market has with cupcakes and she’s entered the single-serving dessert industry with this insight — and with so much more.


“My cupcakes are cocktail-inspired. My Mojito cuptail (P55.00) has a mint leaf garnish grown from my own garden and has a subtle taste of lime upon first bite,” Reena says.


In addition to being the only cupcakes out there that are cocktail-inspired, Reena’s cupcakes also taste as good as they look. And although I’m not a food critic by any means, I am quite experienced in knowing a good cupcake when I taste one, and Reena’s is one of the best that I’ve had here in Manila — and the most unique I’ve tasted — ever. Although they are cocktail-inspired and have a hint of liquor in them, what come out in the cakes are really fruit-based tastes. For example, the Pina Colada had chunks of pineapple cushioned in a moist cake, topped with a hearty — and I mean hearty — buttercream frosting.

The Frosting

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“I’m not shy about the frosting! I believe that a cupcake should have a generous amount of it because it adds to its aesthetic quality. When you open up a box of Cuptails & Dreams, it should make you smile — and part of that is really the magic of the frosting,” confirms Reena.

Forget all of the comparisons and hype surrounding cupcake cafes in New York, the Bay Area, L.A., and even Sydney. Cuptails & Dreams stands on its own. And this is because Reena understands her market well — as to be expected of someone with an advertising background.


For Reena, Cuptails & Dreams really is a dream come true. She’s been baking since she was a kid and says that cooking, baking and other kitchen-centered activities are in her blood. She and her husband have already expanded their cupcake collection to include Bars (Brunette for the fudge brownie, Blondie for the gooey butterscotch bar, Red Head for red butterscotch, and Afro for the revel bar) and Oreo d’evours — your beloved Oreo cookie topped with fillings and toppings of your choosing.

Knowing that all cupcakes are not created equal, Cuptails & Dreams really stands out from the rest for its consistent — I tried seven — dedication to creating a fluffy and moist cake that’s topped with a buttercream frosting so sweet to make your eyes go wide with glee, without ever overpowering the cake. Don’t worry, you can still be the designated driver after having a few cuptails as the liquor content is just a dash -– which is why it’s both adult and kid-friendly.

For orders and the complete Cuptails & Dream product list, please contact Reena Francisco at 0927-5653261 or e-mail and/or Please place your order 3 days in advance.

Photo Credits:
Photographer and Food-Stylist: Mary Rose Pena
Photographer: Rico Ramoso
Make-Up Artist: Claire Diokno from Shu Uemura
Hair Stylist: Ricky Diokno from Khiel’s
Venue: Magnet Cafe Bonifacio High Street

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