Famed Lifestyle Strip ‘Calle Bistro’ Completes Resto Lineup!

Don't miss out and visit the most popular foodie destination north of Manila!

EVER Group of Companies subsidiary Everscapes’ development, Calle Bistro – a lifestyle strip along Commonwealth Avenue – has become a 'home away from home' for families and groups on the lookout for exciting food and beverage adventures.

People flock to Calle Bistro's restaurants to taste mouth-watering selections that include best-selling appetizers, classic meal favorites, popular desserts and beverages.

Last year, Calle Bistro opened with the following tenants: Sisig Society, JTs Manukan, Adobo Connection, IMA Kitchen, PUB Express, Gerry’s Grill and Restaurant, ELM’s Kapihan and Winery, Hap Chan, Macao Imperial Tea, Cook the Bread, After Twelve, Starbucks. Just this year, Calle Bistro completes its lineup which now includes Tim Hortons, Samgyeopmasarap, Knicker + Bockers and Teriyaki Boy.

Due to the overwhelming success of the tenants in terms of sales and rising foot traffic, Calle Bistro continues to hold various events such as celebrity bazaars, acoustic musical shows and seasonal promos. 

According to Chie Arao-Santos, Corporate Marketing Manager of EVER Group of Companies, Calle Bistro allows families to experience flavorful discoveries, as it is now a must-visit foodie hub with diverse cuisine offerings.

“We are proud to say that after a year of opening, Calle Bistro is the most popular foodie destination north of Manila. Calle Bistro offers a variety of culinary options for the large neighborhood along Commonwealth Avenue, from breakfast to chilling at midnight. As a brand, Calle Bistro is family-oriented, sincere and down-to-earth. We have created not just a space for food, but a community through Calle Bistro where people gather for Great Eats and Great Meets – to exchange stories, make memorable moments and enjoy the best of life without driving too far away from their homes,” said Santos. 

Built to complement the group’s Ever Commonwealth mall, Calle Bistro hosts more than a dozen of distinct food spaces that range from Chinese to Filipino restaurants, cafes and wine bars.

For more details and updates on events and promos, like and visit Calle Bistro Facebook and Instagram pages (@CalleBistroPH).


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