Bubble Tea

Keep things bubbling at this "Tokyo milk tea place."

My tea-loving friends have been telling me for months now to try out this new Japanese tea place called Bubble Tea. At first I thought, “What’s new?” They were probably just serving those slush drinks with tapioca balls just like Zagu and all other similar beverage stores. Or perhaps they would have drinks pretty much like the Quickly stalls found in malls.

SM City North EDSA.

Tokyo Milk Tea Place

First of all, Bubble Tea isn’t just a tiny beverage outlet or stall – it’s a “milk tea place” that is brightly decorated with colorful pastel hues that definitely cheer you up, especially on gloomy rainy days.


Bubble Tea has been bubbling their way into hearts of tea-lovers in Manila since May 2007, when they opened the Megamall branch. A couple of months later, the North EDSA branch opened.

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Tea for Two


Royal Milk Tea, Taro Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, and Almond Milk Tea

We ordered two Bubble Milk Teas and two Bubble Milk Shakes, all of which are served with bubbles – chewy tapioca balls (or “pearls”, as other brands call it), to be eaten along with the beverage through a wide straw.

What’s impressive about Bubble Tea is that they brew fresh tea daily, and every five hours a new batch of tapioca bubbles is cooked to assure you of fresh flavor.


Kiwi Green Tea

My favorite drink for that day is the Kiwi Green Tea (P50 – Medium). While the milk-based drinks were very sweet and make you feel more full, the iced-tea based drink was very light and refreshing, a sure thirst-quencher!

More than Tea


Ika Fry

Japanese Curry Hamburg

They serve familiar Japanese food such as Ika Fry or Squid (P95), Gyoza (P95), and Teriyaki Pork Misono rice bowl (P140). New and interesting meals that we also devoured were Japanese Curry Hamburg (P155), Teriyaki Chicken Doria (P189), and Seafood tomato-Cream Sauce (P165).


Seafood Tomato-Cream Sauce

The Seafood Tomato-Cream Sauce pasta bowl, for me, had the perfect sauce! It was very rich and creamy, with the right amount of tomatoes blended in for a tangy taste. It was also topped with fried pieces of shrimp. Oh, by simply writing about the meal makes me crave for more of their food.

After a very hearty meal and glass upon glass of bubble drinks, Bubble Tea has gained a loyal customer in me and my friend. So if you want your bubbles and a whole lot more, Bubble Tea is the best place for you. Enjoy a wide array of sweet and refreshing teas to surely keep your day a-bubblin’!

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