Your Guide to Auro’s Chocolate Bar Crawl in Poblacion

The event takes participants to 5 different places in Poblacion where they get to enjoy chocolate-infused food and drink pairings!

For most people, chocolate is usually something that they only enjoy for dessert or as a drink to pair with another sweet treat. For Auro Chocolate, though, it's definitely something more than that. 

Auro Chocolate is an award-winning bean-to-bar company which sources their cocoa beans from local communities in Davao as their way to help improve our farmers' standard of living. Since its launch in 2015, Auro has kept looking for more ways to bring cacao farming and their chocolates to the next level.

To stay true this goal, Auro partnered with Fat Girls Day Out – a team that's considered to be experts in planning food crawls in the metro – and with 5 restaurants in Poblacion to come up with chocolate-infused dishes and drinks, served in an exclusive Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl

Photo: Auro Chocolates/Facebook

Happening every Friday and Saturday, from 4:30 to 7:30PM, the bar crawl will take participants to Khao Khai, Lampara, Polilya, Alamat, and Pedro Tap House where they get to try exclusive food and drink pairings for the price of P2500. This already gets the participants a cute tote, a lanyard with your event ID, a bamboo straw, a map of Poblacion (which doubles as a discount voucher on Auro's partner bars until 12am), and of course, more chocolate for dessert! 

Check out all the dishes and drinks that you get to try out in this crawl: 



What to eat: Green Mango With Bagoong Dip


Vegetarian Option: Green Mango with Vegan Chocolate Bagoong

The bagoong dip is also made with 77% Dark Chocolate,
making the dish a balance of sweet, salty, and savory.  

What to drink: Chocolate Rimmed Bangkok Fire, a rum-based drink with a hint of sweetness and spiciness 

Khao Khai Auro
Bangkok Fire
Khao Khai Auro
Thai Milk Tea

For those who like their drinks non-alcoholic, Khao Khai serves their Thai Milk Tea, also coated with 64% Dark Chocolate.

Note: All the restaurants have a non-alcoholic option and a vegetarian offering. Just make sure you inform the organizers this when you book for the event so they can prepare these dishes beforehand.   


What to eat: Slow Cooked Pork Belly with cardamom, peanut, 64% dark chocolate nibs, and mantou

Vegetarian Option: Surpresa – Bean sprouts, tofu, roasted peanuts, and cocoa nibs with chocolate sauce encased in a ball.

Lampara's Slow Cooked Pork Belly

What to drink: Auro 

Lampara Auro
Alcoholic Version: Muscovado, Cacao Nibs, Tablea, and Bourbon
Lampara Auro
Non-Alcoholic Version: Muscovado, Cold Brew, Cacao Nibs, Tablea, and Bourbon


What to eat: Deep Fried Hainanese Chicken with mole infused with 77% Dark Chocolate, kesong puti, and cilantro

Vegetarian Option: Mole with Vegetable Fritters

Deep Fried Hainanese Chicken and Mole with Vegetable Fritters

What to drink: 32% White Chocolate Margarita Shots 

White Chocolate Margarita Shots


What to eat: Tiyula Sa Itum, which is beef finger braised in burnt coconut, and 77% Dark Chocolate, eggplant, and Pinoy salsa 

Vegetarian Option: Pinais, which has rice crisps, pinakbet salsa tossed in Auro Dark Chocolate Vinaigrette, and laing

Alamat Auro
Tiyula sa Itum
Alamat Auro

What to drink: Auro Plata, made of gin, white rum, pandan, cacao liquor, and chocolate sauce 

Alamat Auro
Auro Plata (alcoholic)
Alamat Auro
Auro Plata (non-alcoholic)



What to Eat: Auro Chocolate Chili Cheese Dog with 55% Dark Chocolate

Vegetarian Option: Red Bean Chocolate Chili Stout Shepherd's Pie

Auro Chocolate Chili Cheese Dog 

What to drink: Midnight Chocolate Stout, which is made with Auro Midnight Stout, Pedro Brewcrafters Space Out Coffee Stout, and Bourbon, topped with whipped cream, and melted 55% Dark Chocolate

Midnight Chocolate Stout 


The Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl kicks off this Friday, June 28, and will be running every Friday and Saturday for 4 months. Each batch only has 30 slots, so make sure to book early via their website before it gets full. A slot is priced at P2500 per person. 

You can check back on Auro Chocolates' Facebook and Instagram pages for more information on the bar crawl. 

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