Your Perfect Match-a: 10 Dishes in Metro Manila for Green Tea Lovers

It has proven to be more than a temporary fad – matcha is here to stay!

Over the years, we've seen food trends and flavors come and go. However, when it comes to matcha, restaurants and dessert parlors still come up with new dishes and retain older ones that make use of this earthy green tea. It has proven to be more than a temporary fad – matcha is here to stay! Check out some of these best-selling dishes that are loaded with the matcha flavor you know and love. 

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's Green Tea Cheesecake

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Image: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory PH

This popular Japanese brand became an instant hit when they first opened in Manila in 2016. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory gained popularity for their salty-sweet cookies and milk soft serve, but continue to update their menu with decadent desserts. One of their newest offerings is the Matcha Cheesecake (P1,250) – savory Uji Matcha combined with Hokkaido cream cheese. Each bite is pillowy soft, with a generous sprinkle of matcha powder on top. This cake is limited edition as of now, but fingers crossed that it stays on the menu for a long time!

One Zo's It's A Match 

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Image: One Zo Philippines

Why settle for your usual milk tea pearls when you can have them green tea flavored? One Zo serves their matcha latte with freshly made matcha tapioca in their house special drink, It's A Match! (P145/medium, P165/large) The latte is made with high-quality matcha and fresh milk, and their flavored tapioca are made fresh every day. This mix of creamy and earthy is subtle but enough to keep the green tea flavor lingering with each sip. 

Pablo's Mini Matcha Cheese Tart 

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Photo: Pablo Cheesetart Philippines

Another well-known Japanese brand that has made it big in the Philippines is Pablo. They're known for their fluffy, freshly baked cheese tarts. Ever since opening in the country, they've gone beyond expectations, offering unique flavors new twists. The Pablo Mini Matcha Cheese Tart (P125/piece, P700/6 pieces) has a sweet, crunchy crust filled with a green tea custard that oozes out once you take a bite. The matcha flavor in this is strong but not overpowering – you'll be finishing a whole box in no time. 

Tsujiri's Matcha Lava Cake 

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Image: TSUJIRI Philippines

Tsujiri is essentially Manila's haven for all things green tea. They offer any matcha dessert you can think of, from lattes, to soft serve parfaits, to cakes. The Matcha Lava Cake (P) is perfect if you're looking for a rich, fudgy dessert; this was created by Tsujiri as the signature dessert for Manila. Molten matcha cream oozes out of a soft cake topped with either vanilla or matcha soft serve for a treat that creates a balance between warm and cold, earthy and sweet. 

Manila Creamery's Matcha Taho Gelato Shake 

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Image: Manila Creamery

How about a Japanese-Pinoy fusion? Manila creamery is a Filipino-inspired ice cream parlor that uses Filipino flavors in new ways. Here, you can get a taste of matcha in the form of this Pinoy-favorite street food – taho! The Matcha Taho (P180) combines malted milk gelato, matcha gelato, matcha jelly, and fresh taho all layered in a cup and topped with green tea Pocky. This inventive take on the two flavors has become one of their most talked about desserts! 

Ikigai Kakigori Cafe's Matcha Kakigori

Image: Ikigai Kakigori

This Japanese dessert cafe specializes in Kakigori, also known as the Japanese equivalent of halo-halo or bingsu. Though Ikigai Kakigori has expanded their menu over the years, the Matcha Kakigori (P210/solo, P270/sharing) remains to be one of the top choices. This cold treat is made up of milk ice, matcha syrup, adzuki (red bean), shiratama (mochi balls), and a scoop of matcha ice cream. The green tea taste might be pretty subtle, but the dish comes with extra matcha syrup on the side for those who prefer a stronger flavor.

La Lola Churreria's Matcha Churros

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Image: Chuerreria La Lola 

Matcha is usually associated with Japanese dishes and desserts, but this spot combines green tea with a well-loved pastry from Spain – churros! Churreria La Lola's Matcha Churros (from P130/3 pieces) is on the sweeter side, as the glaze is combined with white chocolate. If you'd like to control how much green tea flavor you get in each bite, La Lola offers a matcha dip that you can pair with whatever churro flavor you choose. It's a Spanish-Japanese fusion you never knew you needed. 

Carousel Creamery's Green Tea Ice Cream

Image: Carousel Creamery

With over 100 flavors it's easy to get overwhelmed (in the best way possible) when choosing what ice cream to get at Carousel Creamery. Matcha lovers will be happy to find they can get their fix with the Green Tea ice cream (P95/single, P160/double, P225/triple). Have it plain in a cup or cone, add some toppings for extra texture, or have it turned into a milkshake! Either way, you'll fall in love with the combination of creamy, earthy, and rich. Aside from the Green Tea flavor, Carousel occasionally comes up with special edition flavors that are infused with matcha, too. Be on the lookout! 

Ippudo's Matcha Crème Brûlée

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Image: Ippudo Philippines

After a hearty bowl of your favorite ramen at Ippudo, why not treat yourself to some dessert? The Matcha Crème Brûlée (P160) is made with a creamy matcha custard, topped with a caramelized sugar shell, a dusting of matcha powder, and vanilla ice cream. This light dessert is a great palate cleanser to end your ramen meal, but this dessert alone is worth the visit to Ippudo, even if you don't order a bowl of noodles. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction of cracking your spoon into that torched sugar. 

Nomi's Matcha Mix Platter

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Image: Nomi

Just can't get enough matcha? Nomi Modern Japanese Cafe in BGC has the perfect dish for you! They use organic Japanese matcha in their signature desserts. To get a taste of everything, try the Matcha Mix Platter (P470), a sample platter of their best desserts. It comes with green "tea-ramisu," a cookie that's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, mini matcha churros drizzled with white chocolate, and a "Greenie" – a green tea-flavored brownie. This beautifully arranged set would be perfect for sharing with your fellow matcha-loving friends, but who's to say you can't just have it all to yourself?  


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