Head to the A.Venue Mall and discover a new 'twist' in Italian dining.

If you’re like me who simply loves Italian cuisine (and loves it even more if priced inexpensively!), I don’t see any reason why you would not fancy Focaccia in A.Venue Mall.

The vibrant colored wall will surely grab your attention the moment you step into Focaccia’s little nook. And when I say little, I mean little. According to RG, approximately 30 people could fit in here but I’m not exactly sure if a place this tiny could handle a crowd. We went in a little after lunch time so it wasn’t crowded. But I could only imagine how hard it is to get a table during the weekends. So if you’re planning a weekend family or group affair, it is still best to call ahead and reserve. Nonetheless, the place is comfy and charming. The testimonials scribbled on colored glass by one wall are also quite interesting and entertaining. There’s an entire wall for you to read if you want something to do while waiting for your order.

 Head on to A. Venue Mall for your own slice of Italy! Owners RG Gamboa and Chef Ivan Tajonera explain to how this casual Italian resto came about.

The gastronomic satisfaction in Focaccia doesn’t end with their bread alone, though. For those who haven’t tried Focaccia yet, here are the things I recommend you to try out.

For starters, their Cream of Tomato and Basil (P90) soup is a must-try. Served in 3 small shot glass-like containers, the soup is already good for sharing. I found the cheesy-tangy-creamy blend of this thick tomato soup very much comforting to my taste buds. It is definitely tastier and way creamier compared to those in others places I’ve tried. And oh, be sure you haven’t consumed all of your focaccia bread while waiting as it greatly complements this soup.


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