Next to try for Manila's adventurous gourmets -- spicy Portuguese fare.

Portuguese food is not as popular in the country, as say, Spanish cuisine. Owners Nik and Cris Barancik fell in love with Portuguese cooking during trips abroad, and decided to open O’Sonho, what is probably Manila’s first restaurant inspired by this cuisine.

Beer-Battered Fish Fingers

Another appetizer is Beer-Battered Fish Fingers (P160), served with the restaurant’s signature Perinaise sauce. This dip is a mix of mayonnaise and peri-peri, which is made of 4 types of chili, olive oil and garlic. At first, the perinaise sauce seems even a bit sweet, but it leaves a very fiery aftertaste. Sprinkle the fish fingers with lemon before dunking it in perinaise if you’d prefer a less peppery flavor.


For sheer originality, O’Sonho’s dishes are already worth trying. The best part is that novelty doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – most of the dishes are priced below P400. The drinks are also very reasonable. A Pale Pilsen is just P50, a rarity for a quiet bistro on Jupiter Street. Like most restauranters, Cris and Nik Barancik have opened a diner that they would like to go to. Here’s hoping that the rest of Metro Manila would feel the same way.

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