10 Delicious Mango Dishes in Metro Manila You’ll Man-Go Crazy For

If you find yourself craving this national fruit, check out these spots that make some of the best mango dishes in the metro! 

If there's one fruit that is most closely associated with the Philippines, it has to be mangoes. Our country is popular for having some of the sweetest and tastiest mangoes in the world, and with such a versatile fruit comes some amazing dishes and desserts made with it. It's hard to resist anything made with fresh, sweet mangoes, so if you find yourself craving this national fruit, check out these spots that make some of the best mango dishes in the metro! 

Mango Float, Maxi Mango

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Image: Maxi Mango

Just less than a year ago, the pop-up stall Maxi Mango boomed when they became viral for their mango desserts. They started out in Davao, then started popping up in Manila bazaars. Lines were snaking with people waiting to get a taste of the dessert that was the talk of the town, and now they have their own branches around the metro. Customers come for the Mango Float (P75/small, P95/medium, P109/large), made with mango ice cream, crushed graham crackers, mango bits, and sweet cream. And unlike your traditional mango float, this one comes in a cup, making it easy to eat on-the-go! 

Fresh Mango Chiboust, Bizu Patisserie

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Image: Bizu Patisserie & Bistro

From macarons to mini cakes, Bizu carries some of the most sophisticated looking desserts that are almost too pretty to eat. Their most popular French-style cheesecake is the Fresh Mango Chiboust (P355/personal, P1,125/midi, P1,855/grande), topped with beautifully arranged. You could bring one home for a celebration with family and friends, or you could treat yourself and indulge in the mini-sized cake just because you deserve it! 

Mango Chewy Ball, Hui Lau Shan

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Image: Hui Lau Shan Philippines

Hui Lau Shan is fairly new to Manila, but this mango-centric spot from Hong Kong should have no problem gaining Filipino fans with their wide array of mango desserts and beverages. The Mango Chewy Ball (P150) is almost like our beloved mango sago, but instead of small tapioca balls are chewy ones that resemble mochi or bilo-bilo. These chewy balls are piled in a bowl with fresh mango, mango sorbet, and puree. 

Tri-Colored Mango Sticky Rice, Mango Tree

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Image: Mango Tree Manila

No Thai meal is complete without some of their famous mango sticky rice dessert! Mango Tree is a world-renowned restaurant that serves authentic Thai food made with the best fresh ingredients. Their Tri-Colored Mango Sticky Rice (P320) is one of the most popular desserts on the menu, made unique with white, green, and purple sticky rice. With all the rich, savory, and spicy flavors that Thai cuisine has, topping it all off with some fresh mangoes, sticky rice, and coconut sauce makes the perfect ending.   

Mango Torte, Cuerva Bakeshop

Mango Torte
Image: Cuerva Bakeshop

What started out as Paz Reyes-Cuerva's baking hobby eventually turned into a well-recognized bakeshop for some of the best cakes and desserts. Several years may have passed, but the quality of Cuerva's Bakeshop remains! The Mango Torte (P1,480/medium, P1800/large) is a multi-awarded dessert made of a chewy nut-meringue crust, house made mango sauce, sweet fresh mangoes, and whipped cream. This frozen torte is so addictive, it's hard to stop at just one slice! 

Fried Suman, Mangga & Chocnut, Neil's Kitchen

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Image: Neil's Kitchen

This family-favorite restaurant is popular for their inventive take on Filipino food by Chef Neil Ramos. Neil's Kitchen puts a spin on the mangga't suman combo with the Fried Suman, Mangga & Chocnut (P250). The suman is fried and topped with a large piece of mango jelly, crumbled Chocnut, and a drizzle of coconut cream. Do a quick search of the resto on social media and you'll surely see photos of this dessert pop up; not only is it a treat for the eyes (and tummy), but the decorative umbrella on top makes it a touch more photogenic. Just make sure you snap a pic before the frozen jelly starts to melt! 

Mango Cheese Cake Bingsu, K Bingsu Cafe

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Image: K Bingsu Cafe

Put a Korean staple treat and Filipinos' favorite fruit together, and what do you get? This delicious, icy mango bingsu, a must-have at any bingsu store! K Bingsu offers the Mango Cheese Cake Bingsu (P260/regular, P370/large), which includes slices of mango, cheesecake bits, almonds, whipped cream, and mango puree for varying textures all throughout the bowl. Get together with your friends at this cute Korean cafe to try this sweet shaved iced dessert that's perfect for sharing! 

Mango Mille Crepe, Paper Moon

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Image: Paper Moon Cafe PH

Paper Moon is known for the mille crepe, or what people fondly call the "crepe cake." Paper-thin handmade crepes are layered with cream and topped with a caramelized crust. Although Paper Moon originated from Tokyo, their Manila branches offer some flavors that are more suited to our palates, like the Mango Mille Crepe (P225-P2,000), which has slices of mango throughout the delicate layers of crepes and cream. The addition of the fresh fruit makes this light dessert even more refreshing, and it has quickly become a customer favorite! You can get this per slice, or by whole in different sizes, so you can choose the best one for any occasion. 

Mango Pancake, Baker & Cook

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Image: Baker & Cook

Mornings don't have to be a drag when you have Baker & Cook's Mango Pancake (P350) to start the day! Fluffy pancakes are topped with vanilla whipped cream, mango sauce, and of course, bits of fresh mango that make a sweet and indulgent all-day breakfast treat. That's right, Baker & Cook offers their breakfast dishes all day, so don't worry if you get out of bed a little late – your mango pancakes will still be waiting for you. 

Mangga't Bagoong Sorbet, Sebastian's Ice Cream

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Image: Sebastian's Ice Cream

Of course, green mango is not to be forgotten! It's usually served as a snack with various dips, or mixed with various ingredients as a side dish – but have you ever had a green mango sorbet? Sebastian's Ice Cream is known for their unusual, Filipino-inspired flavors, and that includes the Mangga't Bagoong Sorbet (P150/scoop). The sour green mango sorbet is topped with warm bagoong to give it a contrast of temperatures. And although it's more of a cold, savory snack than a real dessert, it's still a delicious, unique flavor, so don't knock until you try it!  


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