Wicked Kitchen

Indulge in the Seven Deadly Sins and other wicked treats in this Quezon City restaurant.

It only took a picture of this to set me off from Makati to the faraway land of Mother Ignacia, Quezon City.


That ginormous thing above is a dessert and it is aptly called Gluttony (P135 – single, P265 – to share). The mutant cookie is currently the main attraction of a fairly new nook called the
Wicked Kitchen. Gluttony (sharing size) has a diameter the length of a regular utensil, thickness of almost an inch, a plentiful scoop of mantecado ice cream on top, and a drizzling of chocolate syrup. Without a doubt, this everything-but-humble-dessert requires the appetite of a real glutton.

According to the Wicked Chef Kooch Laxamana, under normal circumstances though, the dessert is good enough to be shared by four people. I was with one friend the day I came face to plate(?) with Gluttony, and I knew at first sight that we were very undermanned. Note to self: come with a group of gluttons on the next visit.


Gluttony may be note-worthy, but it’s not the only thing quirky in the resto. In fact, it is just one of Wicked Kitchen’s desserts all named after the seven deadly sins. There’s Lust (P148), a chocolate fondue with fruits, mallows, and cakes. There’s Envy (P158), a chocolate cake with mint green ganache; and of course, Wrath (P130), which according the menu, is a mango crepe with chili infused Nutella. That’s definitely the one I’m trying next!


Wicked Kitchen
Are you sinful enough? Then indulge in the Seven Deadly Sins and other wicked treats of Wicked Kitchen. Wicked Chef Kooch Laksamana talks about her restaurant.

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Wicked Kitchen’s desserts may be attention- calling but this quaint resto also boasts of fuss-free and (more importantly) inexpensive main fare. To those who would be heading for the Gluttony, you better not pass up on their equally tempting appetizers and dishes.

For starters, you may want to order their special Broccoli and Cheese Chowder (P 99).

Broccoli & Cheese Chowder

Expect honest to goodness comfort as this creamy and indeed very cheesy soup glides on your taste buds. The taste is nothing complex but that I think makes it even more appealing. If only Wicked Kitchen is next door, I’d be more than happy to have a bowlful of this chowder now that it’s raining while I’m writing this.

On the other hand, those who are looking for something zesty to start off their meal may want to try their Firestarters (P168).


These plain-looking and seemingly harmless lumpia rolls aren’t exactly plain, nor harmless. In them are slices of green chillies, grilled chicken, and melted cheese, so expect moderate hotness. One serving has five pieces and in my opinion, can be shared by five people. That is, of course, if you don’t want to be weighed down before starting your main course. There are more good stuff ahead, so my suggestion? Don’t be weighed down.

When I said good stuff ahead, I meant the
Ex’s Lasagna (P185).

Ex’s Lasagna

I know… Whoever named the dishes should be congratulated. I ordered this out of curiosity, thanks to its catchy name. Before I was able to verbalize the resounding question “Is Wicked Kitchen’s chef bitter?” in my mind, Kooch boldly declared that, no, she’s not bitter, and the dish doesn’t pertain to her ex. She merely acquired the recipe (aha! how so?) and made it even better (hmm… doesn’t that smell like bitterness?). But anyway, her ex or the lack thereof is not my concern. So even though still mightily curious, I left the ex issue alone and proceeded in tasting the pasta. The verdict? That is one great ex! Okay, maybe not great as a boyfriend, but if this is his recipe, then kudos to you, mysterious ex.

The Ex’s lasagna spells out comfort food and it spells it clearly. It is of the sweeter spectrum and other than that, there aren’t any more notable or distinct flavors. But what makes it stellar is the unexplainable charm of a home-cooked lasagna– just like the ones you get to taste when you visit your culinary proficient tita. It has the taste of sweet labor, you know, that one that hints that it was made especially for you. There are a lot of lasagnas out there, but the ones with that kind of appeal? Only a few. Before I again delve on the ex issue, let me move on to the next dish I’m definitely recommending: the Beef & Beer Pie (P195).

Beef & Beer Pie

Oh my, I love this one. First off, I like its upside down pyramid-like bowl. Wicked! I also like that there is a choice between fries or rice for its siding. Then, I like the flaky but chewy pastry puff that seals in the stew. I also love how the inviting steam of the stew escapes and wafts off once the pastry is sliced. But all of those are nothing compared to how much I love the home-cooked appeal (again) of the stew. This literally reminds me of how my mom’s beef stew is (I don’t think she uses beer, though). Nothing fancy, but definitely divine! Oh, and did I already mention how much I love this dish?

Dessert? Check. Chowder? Check. Firestarter? Check. Ex’s Lasagna? Check. Beef and Beer Pie? Check.

Now, I’m down to my last recommendation.

Fish and Chips

Their Fish and Chips (P180) looks like huge pieces of kwek-kwek (deep-fried quail eggs) but of course, it isn’t. These are beer-battered fillet of sole, but not your typical heavily breaded ones. Its covering is thin and crispy, so expect none of those greasy, starchy flavor of kwek-kweks. The fillet itself is silken smooth. And don’t expect it to be too heavy at all (except of course if you consume all the fries that comes with it). I was ready to regard this as just ‘okay’, until I dunked it in the aioli dip served alongside. It definitely made the dish many times more interesting.

And because I started with the desserts first, I have nothing else to discuss in this part. A picture made me get out of my way and head to Mother Ignacia. Maybe these will convince you, too.

Have a sinfully good Wicked Kitchen experience!

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