La Creperie

It won't take long for me to miss the sweet buttery scent and the laudable dishes of this comely resto.

It was after a hearty feature of one of the newest restaurants in Eastwood mall that I came across La Creperie. Inside, the demure cubbyhole looked fitting in a little girl’s doll house. Butter yellow and white striped patio roof, pastel walls, country style furniture, wooden flooring — it was undeniably charming.

If only I haven’t eaten a slab of steak, bowlful of Pasta Negra, serving of Japanese curry, French onion soup, dory, et cetera (believe me, this isn’t even half of that day’s lunch!) beforehand, the little girl in me would have hopped right in at the sight of what seemed as a scaled-up play house kitchen. But because my appetite was maxed-out that time, I decided to postpone my enthrallment and come back for La Creperie some other day.

In less than a week (Yes, I was that eager!), I found myself fronting the same cheery-hued nook.

La Creperie

Make your way to La Creperie, a charming little French-inspired resto located at the second floor of the Eastwood Mall. Chef Leslie Tolentino introduces La Creperie’s different takes on sweet and savory crepes.

If “charming” is the word for La Creperie’s design, “heavenly” is apt for its scent. The moment its glass door opened for me, the smell of butter — in it’s purest, most potent form — sought me and permeated my senses, as if being freed from a tightly shut jar. That first step into La Creperie forced me to close both my eyes, breathe heavier and smile even wider. Those in reception, who are in all smiles, made no big deal of my seemingly exaggerated reaction. I wonder if they get to see first time customers react the same way often. Who wouldn’t go nuts after a buttery smell, anyway? And to quote Julie and Julia‘s Julie Powell, “Is there anything better that butter?” We think not.

After I got past breathing that wonderful aroma in and out (it took me about a minute or so), I found myself ready to order. The cheerful wait staff handed me and my friend the menu and went on recommending some of their best-sellers. From best-sellers, his speech branched to their customers’ feedback, the dishes’ preparations, the freshness of the ingredients they use (their use of wheat flour — which he said for I guess, no less than 3 times, I’ll never forget), La Creperie’s affiliation with Big Chill juice bar, and so on. Talk about a good conversationalist! Obviously on butter-high (which I think is a good kind of high), the eager employee gladly answered my questions regarding La Creperie. Thanks to him, I learned that this dainty resto is the Big Chill group’s baby, no matter how far-fetched both business concepts are. I also learned that the resto has been in operation for less than 4 months and already has repeat customers. Peak-time is during the merienda hours and most people seek La Creperie after dinner.


We followed the waiter’s pleasant recommendation and ordered both best-selling savory plates:L’Omelette (P235) and Le J.J. (P175) for our late lunch.


The L’Omelette, served in a circular iron pan, is by no means for single serving. That is not unless you’d like to gulp down 5 whole eggs in one sitting.

Cooked frittata style, this generous serving has bacon, diced potatoes, Gruyere cheese, and lots of jalapenos — so diet-watchers, and non-spice lovers, beware! As I do not belong to either of the categories, I pretty much enjoyed L’Omelette. If abundance of the fillers is in question, L’Omelette has more than what’s expected of it. Expect it to be very rich, almost tongue cloying, and of course, h-o-t!

If only they had fried rice to accompany this, L’Omelette would have been fantastic. But since there’s none, order for a bread or sandwich to accompany it.

It was wrong to have Le J.J. right after. Also as tasty, Le J.J. is listed under the “Les Gastronomique” category, which the menu explains as savory crepes, served with side salad. In it are two kinds of cheese, ham slices, tomatoes, garlic and chili flakes.

Le J.J.

With my tongue still numb from the aftermath of the spicy L’Omelette, Le J.J. didn’t register much different. Also extremely cheesy, I found this even spicier than the previous one. The fillings, being tucked within the slightly sweet crepe, were subdued to a certain extent but they were still nonetheless effectual. The inclusion of the side salad is good and useful. At least there’s something to mellow the strong flavor every now and then. Lesson learned: This should not be ordered alongside the L’Omelette.

With two savory dishes — one after the other, it was no surprise that we found ourselves clamoring for something sweet right away. We then agreed to order both Le Breton (P85) and Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe (P175).

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe

Doesn’t the name Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe sound like overkill? I thought so, too. However, ‘chocolate’ and ‘overkill’ combined plays well to my ears and if you know me, you’d bet my stomach agrees.

You must be warned though. This dessert is reserved for serious chocolate lovers and by serious, I mean those who think that a thick brownie fudge, neatly enveloped in a chocolate batter crepe, topped with vanilla ice cream, and drizzled with dark chocolate syrup is delightful. Expect nothing but chocolate overload (and a couple of inches to your waist, haha!) from this dessert made straight out of a chocoholic’s dream. If you’re not one, perhaps Le Breton will suit you.

Le Breton

This dessert on the contrary, is recommended for regular sweet-tooths. The simple crepe, void of the grandiose of the Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe, still enchants a lot of La Creperie customers. The salted butter flavored crepe, resting flat on the plate, only has the whipped cream and caramel syrup to adorn it. Nevertheless, it sure is enough to fulfill one’s sugar cravings.

Four items and we’re full. That, I never expected, considering we’re in a creperie. What I thought will be a light lunch ended up filling us alright. Still seated with our backs’ rested, we dreamily talk of what to order for our second visit. The make your own crepe sounded exciting. I believe it won’t take long for me to miss the sweet buttery scent of this comely resto and to try their other selections. In fact, I might just pass by there tonight.

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