Mr. Jones

Head to this little diner that could for a smorgasbord of comfort food and all-day breakfast fare.

There is something infinitely rewarding about eating breakfast food. Maybe it is because we’ve already ingrained in our minds that the first meal in the morning can make or break our entire day. I’m a huge fan of eating breakfast food at any time of the day — it just feels so right to have tapa and eggs with rice after a long day at work. It’s like it resets my mind’s clock and re-energizes me for the night, for some reason. For fans of that rewarding feeling of comfort food and sunshiney breakfast treats, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy eating at the diner-style resto Mr. Jones as much as I do.

Mr. Jones

For fun all-day breakfast fare, head to the little diner that could. Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5 offers rich, tummy-filling comfort food favorites, breakfast staples, and giant milkshakes in a sleek diner-themed setting. Martin Wisniewski tells us more about this stand-out restaurant.

Diner-style milkshakes populate the top left part of their menu, promising me a hefty portion of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, two cherries and some extra shake on the side. Just reading the descriptions makes my tummy full, so my lunchmates and I decided to share and split a couple to try.

Peppermint Patty and The Classic Chocolate Malt

The Peppermint Patty (P175) is an easy favorite especially this summertime, with chocolate mint bars blended well in the shake. The glass was also topped with fresh mint and chocolate shavings. The Classic Chocolate Malt (P175), is, well, very classic and fool-proof, being a tall glass of thick, chocolatey goodness. Every sip makes you forget your age and just focus on that childhood fascination with indulgent sweet treats. You may want to add wheatgerm (P50) or a shot of rum (P95) to give your shakes a little spin.

Before we head on to the more indulgent comfort food fare of Mr. Jones, let’s start off with a salad: The Green Garden – For Mr. Jones’ Healthy Friends (P350). It’s a salad ‘with everything on it,’ and because it’s tossed with so many ingredients, it fills you up pretty quickly.

The Green Garden – For Mr. Jones’ Healthy Friends

The Green Garden is a jumble of fresh arugula and organic mixed greens, grapes, cherry tomatoes, ripe oranges, kalamata olives, feta cheese, shallots, toasted sesame walnuts, herb raspberry walnut dressing. As starter, order this to share; for a healthy and meat-free main course, this is my pick from the resto.


Up next, the Char-grilled ‘Greek Style’ Norwegian Salmon Steak (P420), another dish that’s not too much breakfast, and not too much indulgent, for diet conscious folks.

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Char-grilled ‘Greek Style’ Norwegian Salmon Steak

The salmon is a pretty thick serving, about an inch thick, and is topped with a Greek salad that has anchovy lemon dill yogurt vinaigrette. Underneath the salmon is a bed of wild brown rice pilaf. Use the fresh lemon on the side and squeeze out its juice on the salmon to have a bit of zing. The crisp baby carrots complimented the soft texture of the fish.

I’m guessing there might be two reasons why they named the next meal as ‘Superman’. It’s either you’ve got to have the appetite of a superhero who’s just finished saving the town from villains, or the burger is so hefty with all the works that it will save you from the evils of hunger.

Our Homemade Char-grilled 100% U.S. Beef ‘Superman’ Burger

Either way, Mr. Jones’ Our Homemade Char-grilled 100% U.S. Beef ‘Superman’ Burger (P420) is a great supersized meal good enough for sharing, with its little extras on the side.

Don’t let the high price of this dish deter you from ordering, as I promise the serving is fit enough for sharing. What can intimidate you, however, is its size and sidings, which makes it quite a bang for your buck. Aside from having two juicy beef patties, there’s double smoked bacon (a thick slice of ham), American cheddar and cheese, sweet balsamic onions, a smokey barbecue sauce, lettuce and tomatoes, and a pickled pepper. Let’s not forget the serving of french fries, homemade coleslaw and pickle. You’ve got one big American comfort food right there on your plate!

Another classic American comfort snack are Tater Tots. Mr. Jones reinvents these little hash brown poppers common in school lunches and fast food, and turns them into quite a sophisticated appetizer.

Tater Tots 3000 to the max!

Tater Tots 3000 to the max! (P220), served on a plate, are six bite size pieces, of three flavors. There’s broccoli and american cheddar, jamon serrano and brie, and gorgonzola and walnut. The tots are served with melted jalapeno cheddar dip and sour cream chive cream. Think stylized, grown-up versions of the potato snack, deep fried to perfection.

I have this inescapable habit of fluttering my eyes in ecstasy whenever I taste a dish perfectly cooked with truffle oil. Just a sniff of the stuff sends my toes a-wiggling because the luxurious scent sends a signal to my brain that I’m in for an indulgent meal.

Wicked Truffled Mac n’ Cheese

Mr. Jones’ Wicked Truffled Mac n’ Cheese (P350) is no exception to my eye-fluttering, toe-wiggling habit. First of all, the serving is ginormous, good for two people. They used three kinds of macaroni and four kinds of cheeses. Baked along with the pasta and gooey cheeses are pieces of double smoked bacon baby portobello mushrooms and green peas. Let’s not forget the drizzling of truffle oil. It’s your basic mac n’ cheese pimped up to perfection.

I also got to try their Two Dogs in Bed (P195) for brunch one weekend. Oh, lest you think I’m a glutton, please take note I was able to try out the different meals I’ve mentioned in at least three visits to the restaurant (hehe!). Anyway, the sandwich arrived in my table, seemingly smaller than what I pictured it to be. It looked like there was only one frank but turns out the blanket of relish was hiding the other one.

Two Dogs in Bed

For a fan of condiments, relish, and a mishmash of textures and flavors, this sandwich did not disappoint me. For a 200 Peso budget, you can indulge on two taut and snappy wienerli franks, sauerkraut and sweet relish, fresh onions and jalapeno peppers, wholegrain mustard and ketchup. Just like the other sandwiches on their menu, it comes with french fries, homemade coleslaw and a big pickle. It was one satisfying brunch!

Mr. Jones also takes into consideration the local comfort food, breakfast favorite: the tapa. And when I heard so much yays (and nary a nay) about the restaurant’s take on the Pinoy breakfast meal, I sought out to eat it for lunch, and soon enough coming back for more of it.

U.S. Beef Ribcap ‘Tapa & Garlic Overload’

The U.S. Beef Ribcap ‘Tapa & Garlic Overload’ (P295) makes it to my informal ‘wow, this is the best tapa ever!’ list. It’s all I want in
my cured beef meat: thinly sliced, almost sukiyaki-like, but with lots of the fat still intact (I know it’s bad, but it’s soooo good). Soft texture, slightly sweet, and when doused with vinegar, it becomes a sweet-sour chewy experience. And, of course, let’s not forget the generous heap of crispy garlic chips. You know the stuff you can buy in bottles? That’s the garlicky chips I’m talking about. The kind that’s altogether bitter and pungent and strong, and the kind that lingers in the mouth quite a while (just grab your milkshake to kill its aftereffects). Served with a slice of orange, two eggs (any style), and of course, garlic fried rice, Mr. Jones’ tapa is an overload for the senses.

Do you think you still have some space after trying out all the stuff I’ve mentioned? Well, then you must end your meal with a cup of black coffee and Challah French Toast (P295)

Challah French Toast

If you’re familiar with Mr. Jones’ sister, MoMo Cafe, then you might’ve heard about or tried for yourself their super-indulgent version of the French Toast. Mr. Jones does not step too far from that, offering a stack of plump and soft pieces of toast, stuffed with nutella and raspberry preserves. Two slices of caramelized bananas lazily lie on top of the toast, and underneath them, a strip of crisp bacon. Add powdered sugar, whipped cream, whipped butter and maple syrup, and you’ve got yourself breakfast and dessert in one plate.

Summer Shakedown Specials

Mr. Jones’ offers from April to May their summer shakedown specials. They are currently offering Blue Plate treats like the Super Texas Tacos, All-American Chargrilled Hickory BBQ Chicken Sandwich, and the Jones Classic Chargrilled US Beef Burger.

Super Texas Tacos

And what better way to beat the scorching summer heat than indulging in icy-cool beverages?
There’s the Hapa Howly (a white chocolate with Kahlua milkshake), the Funk Monkey (banana and Nutella), other blended juices, refreshers and creamy milkshakes.

I’ve come to conclude that Mr. Jones has mastered the art of delivering food coma — and I mean that in an absolutely, tummy-patting, positive way. Every time I know I’m headed to that diner-themed restaurant, I know exactly what I’m in for. Big servings; indulgent, delicious meals; giant milkshakes so rich that I could’ve sworn my drink mooed… Or perhaps that was just my oh-so-full tummy playing mind games with me. Well, whatever it was, no doubt I’m set to have a date with Mr. Jones very, very soon.

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