Dezaato Pan

This delightfully charming café, gelato bar, and bakery – all rolled into one, is a great hangout place especially this summer.

As I find all things Japanese intriguing, it was natural that I’d be drawn to Dezaato Pan (Dezaato = sweets, Pan = bread) – a relatively new Japanese-themed bakery, café, and gelato bar along Banawe St. in Quezon City.

Dezaato Pan offers a wonderful selection of snacks that can satisfy any craving.

After having an early dinner at Tempura Japanese Grill – located just beside it, I checked out Dezaato Pan and was pleasantly surprised with the assortment of breads, desserts, and specialty drinks on offer. However, what was more enticing was the 30 percent off promo for all the breads being sold when the clock hit 7pm.

Seeing how many people were filling their baskets with Dezaato Pan goodies, I figured that the place was definitely worth a try. Let me share with you my Dezaato Pan experience.

Spacious dining settings make for a more relaxed environment.

According to Top Ideas marketing manager Gene Lopez, they got the idea from similar concept bakery and cafes which are very popular in Taiwan and Japan but insists that Dezaato Pan is 100 percent a local brand. As the company behind other popular concept restaurants like Tempura Japanese Grill, Flavors of China, Penang Hill, and Holy Cow, it’s no wonder that Dezaato Pan also has the same qualities that make their other businesses a hit: great food, comfortable dining settings, and good value for money. As the Banawe branch is near my home, I’ve been there several times already and even at different times of the day, the place seems to be enjoying good business thanks to students, families, and foodies who have already become Dezaato Pan regulars.

No frills hangout place


In spite of being a “concept café”, Dezaato Pan is actually a very inviting place where you’d feel right at home the moment you step inside. It has clean and spacious interiors with a smattering of Japanese-inspired décor, which is actually cute.

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A smattering of colorful and quirky Japanese-inspired art adorn Dezaato Pan’s walls.

While the first floor of the Banawe branch is where you’ll see the bakery, cakes, and gelato bar, the second floor is where you’ll find the main dining area of the café and is usually where the regulars choose to hangout during the afternoon. Gene admits that they have regulars who take full advantage of the free WiFi, but it’s not really something that bothers them as customers tend to keep on snacking on Dezaato Pan goodies while updating their Facebook status, sending e-mails or playing Dota.

Breads galore

Gene shares that in total, Dezaato Pan has 93 different types of bread but they rotate it, narrowing down the daily choices to 36. All breads that they sell are freshly baked everyday and comes from their commissary.

Asian Chicken Curry Niku for those who prefer something savory.

As for Dezaato Pan’s bestsellers, he says that their Niku breads (P45) are definitely the most popular. For those who aren’t familiar with “Niku”, this is actually the floss breads that Pinoys have grown to love in recent years. At Dezaato Pan, Niku fans can get their fill of several types of Nikus like the Spicy Chicken (P45) and the Asian Chicken Curry (P45). Another crowd pleaser is the Choco Bread/O-Choco Otaku (P45) which is soft chocolate bread with chocolate filling and topped off with a chocolate cookie crust.

One of the bakery’s bestsellers is the O-Choco Otaku (P45) which simply means, Choco Bread in English.

As for my personal favorites, I really like the Swirled Cheese Danish (P45), Mocha Caramel Bread (P45), Purple Yam Pudding Bread (P39), Nori-Cheese Danish (P49), and Choco-Mochi Bun (P49). I like the fact that Dezaato Pan breads are soft and whether it be cheese, chocolate or yam, the added flavors are never overwhelming, just right.

Try the Swirled Cheese Danish for a light afternoon snack.

Sweets for my sweet

Being a sweets café, Dezaato Pan also has 15 different types of cake flavors available at the store with Black Forest and Mango Mousse Cake as the bestsellers. Dezaato Pan cakes come in two sizes with prices ranging from P500 to P600, which is actually not bad as the cakes are different and have raw ingredients sourced from Australia and Taiwan.

Marvel at the variety of artisan cakes available at Dezaato Pan.

If you want to sample these sweets, cake slices are also available. I was able to try the Caramel Green Tea Crepe Cake which has gooey caramel on top and several layers of paper thin green tea crepe at the middle for added texture. I enjoyed the contrast of the soft chiffon and the crepe with the gooeyness of the caramel adding just the right amount of sweetness to the green tea flavor.

Dezaato Pan’s specialty drinks and gelato bar

Dezaato Pan’s lineup of various treats ranging from sweet to savory is definitely very impressive which is why its host of specialty drinks coupled with its gelato bar makes for a wonderful bonus. For the bestsellers, Gene shares that their 3-layered coffee (Dezaato Koohii Latte) is very popular and is unique to their store but given that it is summer, they’ve also come out with what they call as “Summer Yogurt Coolers”.

Summer Yogurt Coolers in Green Tea and Double Berry

It is available in three flavors, Strawberry Banana, Double Berry and Green Tea (price ranges from P140 to P170) and is an ideal drink for those into the whole frozen yogurt craze. For their selection of gelato flavors (P50 for 100 grams), the most popular is the Macrero Rocher – and anything that has Toblerone in it, says Gene. Of course there are more flavors available with Strawberry Cheesecake, Dark Cherry Choco Chips, and Choco Whiskey being just some of them.

By catering to all different kinds of snack cravings, Dezaato Pan surely has something for everyone and at affordable prices to boot. Simple indulgences such as specialty snacks and drinks can now be enjoyed everyday without burning a hole in your wallet. Also, given that Dezaato Pan offers an assortment of sweets – from cakes, pastries to drinks, you need not compromise your diet either as there are loads of other equally enticing food options at the store. If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, sweets or you’re in the mood to try something new, I suggest you try out Dezaato Pan this summer.

Visit Dezaato Pan at Sgt. Alcaraz corner Banawe, Quezon City (Tel no. 743-9856), Unit 5 Thompson Square, 106 Tomas Morato corner Roces Ave., Quezon City (Tel no. 332-1845), and at the Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City (Tel No. 804-0814).

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