Everything At Steak, Revisited

Everything at Steak opened a new branch along Annapolis in Greenhills, so I jumped at the opportunity to eat there once more.

Three years ago I brought a buddy of mine to Everything at Steak along P. Guevarra in San Juan. I had eaten there a couple of times before, and I figured to bring this particular friend along because he likes to eat a lot like me. We called it the Dimmu Burger Challenge—something I picked up from watching the TV series Metalocalypse that in turn borrowed the name from the band Dimmu Borgir. It was their 1/3-pound burger with a siding of fries and a plate of T-bone steak with rice and mashed potatoes. Needless to say, we spent a whole lot of time sitting down because we couldn’t stand up and leave right after that heavy, heavy meal.

Recently, I got a delightful surprise when I learned that Everything at Steak had opened a new branch along Annapolis in Greenhills and I jumped at the opportunity to eat there once more.

The new store seems a lot bigger than the P. Guevarra branch I went to, and I noticed several families having their Sunday lunch there. I had my mind set on eating soup, steak and some form of potatoes but there were other items on the menu that we tried as well.

For our appetizer we had a huge plate of Curly Fries (P85). It came with a garlic mayonnaise dip that went really well with the fries. I can imagine filling up on this as an afternoon snack while hanging out and killing time but it’s amply shared by three especially when you’ve got steak for your main meal.

Curly Fries

I always like starting a good, hearty meal with soup. And for a soup that goes before steak, I wanted something as rich as a juicy portion of beef; naturally, my choice was Cream of Mushroom Soup (P95). It’s rich and creamy and doesn’t skimp on the mushrooms too. There’s a whole load of chopped mushrooms for every spoonful you take and if you aren’t mindful with your beverage consumption, you might end up getting too full before your main meal. But I wanted steak really bad and I wasn’t going to let this wonderfully thick and flavorful liquid get the better of me. I finished it and waited for the steak I ordered.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

For our final dishes, we got three kinds of protein. Pork: in the form of barbecued liempo, chicken: in the form of Buffalo style chicken-wings, and beef: my T-bone steak.

The barbecued Liempo (P175) was glistening with sauce and if you need more of the sauce, they serve an extra dipping container along with it. It’s served with rice and a side dish of your choice. It can be anything from different kinds of potatoes, pasta, corn, eggs, garlic bread or some more rice.


The pasta side dishes are something else. They have Beef Stroganoff Pasta (P40) and this Meatball Pasta (P40) with a golf ball-sized meatball. With steak and rice, that’s quite a welcome addition for hungry fellow in search of a rewarding meal (or perhaps for a hunter who’s been out in the woods for some time).

Beef Stroganoff

Meatball Pasta

The Wings (P190 – choose from BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, Honey Garlic) are served with a sweet-sour dressing, and although it’s served as is, it doesn’t take that much imagination to come up with a meal-type combination for it. Ordering a side of fries or pasta along with it would certainly upgrade its status from appetizer to a full-fledged lunch. Or maybe you can order two of them if you like if you really love eating chicken wings.

Buffalo Wings

Finally, my personal favorite, the grilled T-bone (P195). Oh, meaty meaty meat. Something about this glorious meat on the bone taps into something in me that’s very primal, almost caveman-like. Again, you can get it with any siding you want along with rice. I chose mashed potatoes because it seemed only right to pair the two. You get to choose what rub it gets from either the original marinade or their New Orleans spice rub. You also get to choose the gravy that comes with it (peppercorn gravy, country-style gravy, barbeque sauce are some of the choices) and I ultimately chose mushroom gravy because, again, it just felt right.


It was quite the epic meal, I have to say. And at a very reasonable price at that — less than 300 Pesos each, when you split the bill among three people. I’m sure to come back soon because I’ve yet to try their lamb, and revisit our Dimmu Burger challenge to see if I still have it.

Now, if they only serve steak side dish… Hmm…


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