10 Sandwich Shops To Visit in Metro Manila If You Need A Quick Bite

When it comes to finger foods, there’s not a snack that can quite beat the classic sandwich.

When it comes to finger foods, there’s not a snack that can quite beat the classic sandwich. They are easy to eat, filling, and very versatile. Sandwich in the morning? Yes, please. Sandwich as a midnight snack? Why not? Even the most inexperienced of us when it comes to food prep can make one, but just in case you’d rather have them fast and easy, you can always visit these ten sandwich spots with the best grubs in town. 

1. Figaro

Image: Figaro

This coffee shop gets five stars from us for their wide selection of food that includes pasta, rice meals, and breakfast plates, but it deserves an extra gold star for its sandwiches, too! Figaro doesn’t skimp on the fillings on their selection—you can expect their sandwiches to be bursting with your favorite ‘palamans’. Their BLT Croissant is a perfect example, with thick chunks of cheese, slices of ham, and fresh veggies. Try their Chicken Waldorf too, which has slices of peaches for that extra sweet kick. 

2. The Sandwich Guy

Image: The Sandwich Guy

Fast, easy, and delicious. Those are just three words that sum up this sandwich kiosk that you can easily spot in most major malls and food courts. The place doesn’t have any frills and pomp, but it serves pretty mean bites like its Ultimate Roast Beef Sandwich. Bursting with fresh greens and a load of well-flavored beef, an order of one can fuel you up for a whole day. If you want something lighter, however, you can go and try their Chicken Pesto Sandwich or the Veggie Delight. 

3. Chuck’s Deli

Image: Chuck's Deli

So many sandwich lovers rejoiced when Chuck’s Deli reopened in Poblacion last year and for good reason. Their Slabwiches—sandwiches made of slabs of yummy fillings and ciabatta—have always been legendary. The food hub may have dropped other selections from their old menu, but their sandwiches remain the same yummy fare they were before. A must-try is their Faking Duck, a peking-style snack filled with roast pork, lettuce, hoisin sauce, and leeks. Crispy noodles add an extra oomph on your every bite! 

4. Melt Grilled Cheesery

Image: Melt Grilled Cheesery

If sandwich land would have its token mascot, it would definitely be the Grilled Cheese. This classic sandwich gets a bit of a lavish makeover at Melt Grilled Cheesery, aka heaven for those who love bread and any kind of cheese. There’s nothing quite like their Big Buff, a pizza-inspired sandwich made with their house-blend of cheeses, pepperoni, buttered fried chicken, aioli, caramelized onions, and peppers. Want something simpler? Try their Classic Melt, a delicious beauty made of cheddar and mozzarella between buttered bread. 

5. Fowlbread

Image: Fowlbread

There are three things Fowlbread markets on their official website: fried chicken sandwiches, craft beer, and libido enhancement services. We’re not quite sure about the last one, but if you find crispy fried chicken sandwiched on bread sexy, then fine, we agree. Fowlbread, from its name, specializes in chicken sandwiches, but it is far from those boring ones that you usually get on some random stops. Case in point: their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich made of crispy chicken thigh, cream cheese, fresh greens, house pickles, and their special hot sauce. The place also serves other sandwiches like the Szechuan Cheesesteak which has chunks of sliced short rib, molten cheez sauce (their spelling, not ours!) caramelized onions, bell peppers, and Szechuan chili oil. 

6. Little Flour

Image: Little Flour

Little Flour Cafe is the little sister (cute) of Wildflour that specializes on brunch specialties. Other than the latter’s best-selling meals, it also offers wine and drinks as well as new favorites like Filipino rice bowls and other delicacies. Now, everyone knows a brunch spread will never be complete without a good sandwich or two, and Little Flour definitely delivers with its limited—but definitely delicious—selection of Croque Madame, Chorizo Grilled Cheese, and Tuna Melt. Pair your order with some of their soups. Their Tomato Soup goes best with the Chorizo Grilled Cheese! 

7. Cafe Mary Grace

Image: Cafe Mary Grace

Cafe Mary Grace may be legendary for its pasta and ensaymada, but it doesn’t do badly on their sandwiches either. True to the rest of their menu, you can expect their sandwiches to be bursting with flavor and fresh ingredients. Vegans can try their Vegetables on Focaccia Sandwich, which, though only made with grilled zucchini, eggplant, and oyster mushrooms, are as good as other meat-filled favorites. Seafood-lovers should never miss their Pan-Seared Shrimp Sandwich, too, which comes with hefty servings of shrimp and bell peppers on a bed of lettuce.

8. Pepi Cubano

Image: Pepi Cubano

If grilled cheese is the token mascot of sandwich land, then Cuban sandwiches are its hippie family members. These pressed sandwiches had been all the rage when it first appeared in the Philippines, with the fame mostly driven by locally-owned sandwich shop Pepi Cubano. These sandwiches may not be bursting with fillings like their other brothers—in fact, they are squeezed and pressed in between bread—but that is exactly their main charm. They are less messy to eat but are still bursting with flavor all the same. Try the Pepi Cubano (roast pork and ham) or the Tito Choripan (chorizo) on your visit. 

9. Bon Banhmi

Image: Bon Banhmi

You can never make a top sandwich list without including this Vietnamese beauty. Banh Mis, in case you don’t know, are sandwiches from Vietnam made from crunchy french bread, fresh vegetables, and cold cuts. Bon Banhmi is the closest to authentic that you will get here in the country, not to mention the most friendly to the wallet, too. Try their Traditional Banhmi, an overloaded sandwich with pork white ham, pork skin and meat ham, Vietnamese jambon, pate, and vegetables if you want to get as close to the original or their Pork Barbecue one if you want something a little bit more new to the taste. 

10. Paris Delice

Image: Paris Delice

Paris Delice flips the usual perception we have of French food by offering affordable authentic Parisian delicacies on the go. Started by a French and Swiss national who have been staying in the country, you can expect its sandwiches to be as good as the ones you can find in the romantic cities. Our absolute favorite is the L’Atlantic, a baguette filled with slices of smoked salmon, onions, cucumber, and herb dressing which makes all the flavors pop in every bite. If you want something a little bit heavier though, you can go for the Classique Tuna which has tuna, egg, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise on it. 


Homestream image from Melt Grilled Cheesery


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