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8 Restaurants Around Metro Manila For Your Deadly Dose of Sisig

Craving for some sisig? Here's where to satisfy that guilty pleasure craving!

If there's something many Filipinos love about Filipino cuisine, it's sisig.

Sinfully creamy, addictively crunchy, chunky, or finely chopped – there are so many variations to the pulutan favorite that we can't decide which we love the most! Luckily, many restaurants around the city serve up their own well-loved spin on the classic dish. Check these out!

Gerry's Restaurant and Bar

Photo: Gerry's Restaurant and Bar

A well-loved Filipino restaurant and a family and barkada favorite, Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar has been showing Filipinos what good crispy sisig is made of, for many years and counting.

Group meals at Gerry's aren't complete with their famous Sizzling Sisig (P225), a distinctly crunchy medley of crispy pork bits and punchy red onions, served hot on a sizzling plate. This good-for-sharing dish is best as a pulutan or with rice!


Locavore Kitchen & Drinks

Photo: Locavore Kitchen & Drinks

Locavore Kitchen & Drinks isn't just known for their sizzling sinigang – their addictive oyster sisig remains a hot menu best-seller, and for good reason, too.

The famed Fried Oyster Sisig (P370) is a creamy yet crunchy appetizer (or a main course, even) made with Aklan oysters, white onions, garlic, and chili peppers. For a pork spin, the Lechon Oyster Sisig (P380) is just as good, topped with extra lechon bits.

Manam Comfort Filipino

Photo: Manam Comfort Filipino Food

Comfort Filipino food expert Manam sure knows how to serve up a mean, home-cooked sisig – it wasn't hailed the city's best for nothing.

Manam's House Crispy Sisig comes in 3 sizes: small (P140), medium (P255), and large (P395), depending on how big that appetite is for some crunchy goodness. What to expect? Pork jowls and cheeks are chopped and served on a sizzling plate, fried to a crunch.

Sisig Society

Photo: Sisig Society

The name says it all! Sisig Society's menu focuses on sisig, and its possible unique spins. Each kind is served with a fried egg, rice, and free sinigang broth.

For fans of spice, there's the Spicy Pork Sisig (P179), an interesting mix of bacon, chorizo, and spicy sauce. There's also the Classic Chicken Sisig (P179), made with chicharon, caramelized onions, and their special sauce. Want something crazier? Try the Bacon & Cheese Chicken (P179), made with cheddar cheese sauce!

Sisig Hooray!

Photo: Sisig Hooray!

A popular food court staple known for its quick and affordable sisig-silog, Sisig Hooray! is reliable enough for a tasty dose of the Filipino favorite. Their Kasilog meals include a single serving of sisig, egg, rice, and atsara.

Fill yourself up with the crowd-favorite Pork Sisig (P85), made chunky, spicy, meaty, and mixed with red onions. For pescatarians, you can opt for the Bangus Sisig (P100) or Tuna (P110).

The Smoking Joint

Photo: The Smoking Joint

Smoked meat king The Smoking Joint is all about the meat, and their skill with it is evident in their sinful appetizer, the Corned Beef Sisig (P355). 

An SJ must-try, chunky salty-sweet bits of real corned beef are mixed in with crunchy garlic, onions, and chili peppers, sizzling hot and served with tortilla bread or rice. It's a beefy choice that'll get both that appetite and your tastebuds satisfied!

Razon’s of Guagua

Photo: Razon's of Guagua

It's not just their halo-halo that shines. Razon's menu of Filipino food is also a hit with hungry diners!

The Famous Sisilog by Razon’s (P199) comes with a fried egg and rice and is creamy, slightly spicy, and multi-textured, just like the Kampampangan way, featuring pork bits and chunks of different sizes.

Max’s Restaurant

Photo: Max's Restaurant

Max's Restaurant sure knows how to please a crowd! A variety of sisig choices exist, like the Max’s Chicken Sisig (P239) good for 2-3, featuring chicken liver and fried chicken chopped to bits with onions, celery, chili peppers, and rich mayonnaise. 

They also have their new Lechon Sisig (P395), using Max’s very own lechon (roasted pork, Pinoy-style), chopped finely and then sautéed with onions and chili peppers.

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