The Kebab Factory

Burgos Circle plays host to the good kebab and the hungry.

One cloudy Friday, a friend who was visiting from Singapore called and invited me for merienda. Little did I know that we were about to have a very filling albeit early dinner. I heard from another friend who ate at The Kebab Factory in Megamall Atrium earlier in the month, and said I should try it because it was da bomb. And indeed it was. Da bomb.

So to start off, we headed to Fort Bonifacio because we were already in the area. It beats me how my friend knew there was a second branch open there and I didn’t, seeing as he works in Singapore. It’s in Burgos Circle and it was pretty laid back, since it was only 4pm and people weren’t out from work yet. Parking wasn’t a problem and even if you had to walk a bit to get there, I guess you wouldn’t really mind since the area isn’t congested and noisy. Plus walking’s healthy, I heard. So armed with my sister’s aging digital camera and my lousy to non-existent photography skills, we went forth to battle.

We get inside and we immediately knew what to get for starters. It’s like speed reading through the menu and picking out things as if by reflex. Spinach and feta cheese dip, vegetable samosas and rotti with curry.

Spinach and Feta cheese dip

At the front-line of the epic horde of food we were about to face was this seemingly unassuming entry—the Spinach and Feta cheese dip (P180). The dip was really good and I wasted no time slathering it on the crispy triangles of bread that came with it. You know the “shy piece”? The one morsel of food that gets left when everyone’s supposedly had their share to eat and everyone’s just too politely Filipino to take it? Yeah. I took it.

Vegetable Samosa

Rotti with Curry

Flanking us were the Vegetable Samosa (P150) and the Rotti with Curry (P100). We made short work of the samosas. I didn’t even bother using a knife and fork with them. The Rotti was excellent, I have to say, especially with the curry. I could’ve eaten them alone as a full meal. With the starters finished, we moved on to the meat. Glorious meat. We haven’t heard the last from the rotti, though. It made cameo appearances here and there throughout the course of our early dinner as it served as a foil to the subsequent waves of food we were about to face.

Lambchop Tandoori

Now I’ve never had lamb tandoori before so you can imagine how excited I was to taste this. The Lambchop Tandoori (P480) did not disappoint. It was the richest tasting thing we ate that afternoon. I loved how the spices went with the lamb (again, I’ve never had tandoori that wasn’t chicken before, so I was surprised with how good this tasted). We ate it off the bone with—you guessed it—another helping of the wonderful rotti. After we decimated the lambchops, we moved on to the kebab.

Lamb Kebab

I don’t know how you’re really supposed to spell it (kebab, kabab, que bob, ckqueh’bhaubbe’he) but since it’s The Kebab Factory, I’ll spell it like that. We ordered two skewers of Lamb Kebab (P270) but you can opt to order for just one (P140). We managed to split two skewers among three people with our really bad understanding of fractions. In any case, we all had our fill with this tasty meaty item.

Beef Keema

Lastly, we faced a mighty serving of Beef Keema (P250). I regret not ordering any rice with this as it was really, really tasty. I would’ve loved to thoroughly mix this with rice and, without care, spoon it into my eager and gluttonous mouth… But the additional order of rotti and curry more than made up for the absence of the staple grain.

Now overall, if you’re looking for your fix of Mediterranean food leaning towards Indian cuisine, this is certainly a place to visit. Our total bill was under P1,800 and that’s split among three people. It’s kind of pricey, I know, but I don’t imagine myself eating there everyday anyway. I was always told that money is never wasted on good food and I totally agree. So once in awhile, maybe for a special occasion of sorts, I recommend going to The Kebab Factory for money well spent on good food. I know I’m sure to come back soon.


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