Drift Burgers

Rev up your appetite and catch the drift of this burger joint in Parañaque.

We never seem to tire of food, don’t we? New restaurants set up shop almost monthly in the metro. It’s good proof that while we are careful with spending and have accustomed ourselves to penny-pinching ways, good food (like travel) is an investment. At BF Homes, a young player in the burger joint business is creating quite a buzz in the Parañaque area, promising hefty sandwiches in a motorsports-themed casual restaurant.

‘At first we were thinking of opening up a typical bar in the strip,’ Ernie Chavez, co-owner of Drift Burgers shares. But if you regularly haunt the BF Homes area, especially Aguirre Avenue, you’ll notice that the strip is teeming with assorted watering holes catering people craving for either a steady and sober night or an inebriated and exciting one. Co-owner Lloyd Lustado adds, ‘We love food and we love cars, so we wanted to have our own place to hangout that fuses these two passions.’ And so, they decided to open a burger restaurant last June.

Drift Burgers
Give your tastebuds an overhaul at Drift Burgers. Rev up your appetite with their selection of burgers and pair them with savory sidings. Ernie Chavez and Lloyd Lustado tell us more about their burger joint.

Overhaul your taste

Drift Burgers is located beside a tapsi store and an Asian restaurant. At night, the burger place comes to life with its eye-popping yellow and black signage and interiors, accented with a little red. It’s a casual place, frequented by a lot of barkadas during the weekend of our visit. When you enter Drift Burgers, just go straight to the counter to check out their menu board and pay upon ordering.

My friends and I wanted to munch on some sides first before chowing down on their burgers so we took a look at the Drift Sides offering and settled on Drift Fries (P55) and Drift Rings (P60) to be shared by three people.

Drift Fries

Drift Rings

Our side orders arrive hot and fresh from the fryer. The crinkle cut fries were piping hot, so it was thoughtful of them to serve it with these cute ‘burger toothpicks,’ little fondue forks with a cute burger design. The serving of fries with occasional dips on the honey mustard sauce does its job to rev up our appetite, but I favored the crunchy onion rings more. The Drift Rings come with a special ‘drift dip,’ which, I am told by the owners, is also part of their burger’s secret sauce. The sauce has layers of sweet and tangy that agreed with my palate.

If you favor chicken wings, then you can give
their Buffalo Wings (P125) a try. Its glossy, angry red coating of sauce immediately told me that the flavor to expect was a little sweet and tons of spicy. A bite into one piece affirms my thoughts. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, steer clear of this, and most especially of Drift Burger’s Cajun Burger — more on that later!

Buffalo Wings

Our three burgers finally arrive on our table, wrapped in aluminum foil. The size of the burger (a single patty burger) is good for its price. Based on very unscientific calculations, a burger here is the size of two regular siopaos.

We first try the Drift Burger (P145), their most basic (flame-grilled, not fried!) burger. We pick it apart to reveal a slice of cheese, cucumber, tomato, onion, and a layer of lettuce. I was told that the Drift Dip is the base sauce for the burgers, meaning the flavor is within the 175 gram of pure beef patty. This is also the reason why the patty looks medium or a bit on the pinkish side — it’s the special ingredient, and it’s not undercooked, don’t worry. A bite introduces all the textures of the burger fixins, and the moist, meaty, and slightly smoky patty. The burger bun is unique, too — a bit spongy and light, similar to panini. I’m told that the bread is exclusively baked for Drift Burgers.

Drift Burger

I’ve told you about the Cajun Burger (P155) earlier, and
I am reminding you again that only serious hot and spicy food aficionados can indulge in this flavored burger. Unwrapping the foil and deconstructing the burger won’t reveal a overly generous drizzling of hot sauce, nor a coating of pepper or chili flakes. Their flavoring is within the patty itself, mixed within the meat, waiting to fire up your mouth. I took the ‘harmless’ non-spicy first impression of the burger as a sign of mildness in spice, and I bit a big chunk. Once your teeth sinks into the beef patty, its juices and flavors snake into your tongue and all around your mouth, making you grab any cold beverage within proximity.

Cajun Burger

The burger sizes at the restaurant are just right for your average hungry customer. Pair it with a side order, then you’re sure to fill up your tummy really quick. That’s why I was surprised when Lloyd told me one of their best-sellers is the Drift Killer (P315). That’s triple patty with bacon and cheese slices. I cannot imagine people wolfing it down and ordering a side dish. Well, for serious burger eaters, now you know where to devour half a kilo of carnivore goodness. As for me, I’ll stick to sharing my orders and saving enough room for dessert — the Drift Fruit Delight (P75) is a simple and sweet meal-ender that tames the tongue from its previous spicy encounter.

Drift Fruit Delight
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