Fruit Magic Lounge: For The Fruit Shake Culture Who Wants More

Fruit Magic Lounge is a timely spin off to the fruit shake idea. Dining here is a smart option over fast food.

When I still worked out at Fitness First, I would always grab a drink and snack from Fruit Magic. Fruit Magic has also encouraged me that fresh Apple Juice can do the energizing job of your coffee, without the after bloat and palpitation. There were days I was hooked with Grilled Vegetable Sandwich (Eggplant, mushrooms and Vinaigrette) and fresh Carrot Orange Juice. At times I would get their Grilled Chicken Salad sandwich (Grilled Chicken, iceberg lettuce, cheese and Cesar dressing), with Melon Soy Magic (P45/bottle).

Fruit Magic’s sandwiches are hefty; I often ate a half triangle for lunch, and have the other one for a snack. Good thing it is best for those who watch their weight. Whole wheat breads are used for fiber, and the dressing is light. The whole thing is relatively unsalty. Most of all, they are tasty and served warm. A sandwich was my reward after Cosmic Cycling and Body Balance.

I was delighted when Fruit Magic came up with a lounge, that was just great place for dining and hanging. Gourmet snacks and fresh drinks are best enjoyed at a lounge with your laptop, if not with good friends.

Stepping inside Fruit Magic Lounge is a greeting of positive vibe, just how endorphins work for me after exercising. Vivid orange, yellow and plum invite a relaxing atmosphere. If you’re on color geek mode, these colors are your oranges, mango, banana, grapes and berries. These make a happy fruit stand.

With your favorite fruit juices, shakes and more, this is the fastest way to a healthy lifestyle.

Soy Magic is not just a rainbow for the eyes but also an interesting way to drink Soy Milk. This is best for those who are in a low fat diet or the lactose intolerant.

The first Fruit Magic Lounge I visited was the one along Timog, which was actually the nearest to my workplace. But one Saturday morning, I decided to spend it here with my laptop and do some online errands.


I started my brunch with a shot of fresh Wheatgrass. I read somewhere that this is best taken on an empty tummy, so our body fully absorbs its nutrients. I am perfectly fine with the bittersweet-grassy taste of a Shot of Pure Wheatgrass (P90), but I also like Fruit Magic’s Wheatgrass Shot with Apple (P75) — expect a sweet tinge.

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A shot of pure fresh Wheatgrass, extracted from a handful of leaves. This is equivalent to a few pounds of green vegetables.

After downing a shot, citrus helps balance your taste buds. Sip from the slice of orange, just how it works for your Tequila.

Mango Frugurt, a Perk-Me-Up drink

I also ordered their best selling Mango Frugurt (P75). This is a blend of their consistently succulent Mango Shake with yogurt.

While waiting for your food, feel free to flip through lifestyle magazines, get yourself some YoCards or play Boggle.

I ordered their Tuna Burger (P140). Just like my idea of Fruit Magic Sandwiches, it is filling but lightly flavored. It is made of greaseless croissant bread with juicy tuna patty, tomatoes, mozzarella and lettuce.

Tuna Burger

Fruit Magic Pastas are not exactly carb-fest. Whole wheat noodles rule with herbs, and they are generously served with meat just like their Steak and Tomato Penne (P235 – regular, P125 – lite). I would say this is my Best of Both Worlds pasta.

Steak & Tomato Penne

For take out, I ordered one of their in Cheeseburger Square Pizza (P390). Their whole wheat dough is thick and soft. And of course, just like the old times, I bought a classic sandwich (Tuna Sandwich – P95) for my Mom.

Cheeseburger Pizza

Their creamy yet light Tuna Sandwich, with low sodium potato chips

I think Fruit Magic Lounge is a timely spin off to the fruit shake idea. The expanded choices of healthy but gourmet food would go well with it. So dining here is a smart option over fast food.

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