Tricks Loves Goodles

They may have misspelled my name, but at least they got the thought right.

I love it when people misspell my name– both first and last. I get addressed as “Tricia” most often; that is after all, the proper way Patricia is spelled, and not with an ‘x’ like mine. I also get variations such as Chix (what they usually hear in coffee shops when I say ‘Trix’), Trixie (I’m already used to this), Triz (Eh?), and Twix (Yum?).

This nick name from when I recently visited Goodles is another one for the books: ‘Tricks’– as in magic tricks, dog tricks, and poker tricks. Love it!

They may have misspelled my name, but at least they got the thought right: Tricks loves Goodles. Oh yes, I really do.

Goodles, as you may now know, serves gourmet pasta that is “fresh, fast and healthy.” For over a year now, those who frequent Robinson’s Galleria mall (especially the cinema-goers) have been enjoying more than ten different kinds of pastas– of the red sauce, white sauce, and oil based variety– that can be eaten on-the-go. Some opt to dine in their kiosk that seats a little more than twenty but most of the fans stroll the mall or watch movies with Goodles’ trademark orange tub on hand.


Take a break and have some Goodles. This little kiosk in Robinsons Galleria offers especially prepared pasta options that is fast and affordable. Sharlene Tan tells us more about the bestsellers.

Those working in the offices nearby, without surprise, find Goodles heaven sent. No longer do they have to torment themselves in making the most out of their one hour lunch break in a slow-service sit down restaurant, nor do they need to line-up for fast-food pastas that are, honestly, just a tad better than instant noodles mixed with ketchup, sugar, and cheese. In Goodles, waiting for your choice of pasta would only take five minutes of your precious time.


As I’m not working nor staying anywhere near Galleria, it was just recently that I had the opportunity to taste some of Goodles’ creations. After two, three varieties, I was impressed. Not long after, I found myself praying hard for them to open a branch accessible to me.

Of what I tried, I’m in love the most with Goodles’ Anchovy Cream (P185).

Anchovy Cream

A part of their new menu, the Anchovy Cream is told to be a popular request by Goodles’ most loyal fans. It made me realize how slowly but surely, the Filipino foodie’s palate is becoming more and more mature– getting past the liking for the typical sweet red and white pastas. But then again, it may also be because we love eating tuyo and dilis, no?

If you’re as big of a fan of tuyo and dilis as I am, the Anchovy Cream won’t disappoint. A tub of this holds ample amount of spiral noodles (a.k.a. Fusilli) coated with light cream sauce and topped with chunks of anchovies, zucchini flowers, and Parmesan cheese. Sans the anchovies, it’s unavoidable to tire of the cream sauce. But with it, your tongue will get the salty shock it needs every now and then.

Second place in the list of my favorites is occupied by the Salsa Rossa Shrimp (P170).

Salsa Rossa Shrimp

I love this mainly because this is how I cook pastas myself. I start off with something tomato-based then gradually add cream to it. This mixture produces a lovely coral pink sauce that is at times tangy, but mostly ‘cheesy.’ Goodles’ Salsa Rossa Shrimp, though not colored as I had imagined, gives me the same satisfaction of enjoying the wonders of two different sauces at the same time. The penne is lightly coated with the said sauce, and is decorated with fresh bite-sized shrimps, basil, pepper, and mozzarella.

When up for something spicy, the
Sausage Arrabiata (P170)
is a good option to fire up your taste buds.

Sausage Arrabiata

This tomato based pasta is clean tasting and at the same time is moderately hot. The tomatoes are tangy and are still very much discernible– a good indication that you’re not getting something off the can. There are a good number of sausage bits and they are mainly responsible for the peppery sensation one would get from eating this dish.

The above described pastas do not go past the brim of the tubs as what’s illustrated in their marketing collaterals, yet are heavy enough to fill one woman up. Men however are more inclined to ordering the heaviest pasta off the menu: the Chicken Spinach– Seven Layer Lasagna (P180).

Chicken Spinach– Seven Layer Lasagna

I love lasagna but not so much that I’d want a helping made of seven layers! Though insanely cheesy and creamy, I find this too much. No wonder guys love this. The carb fix you can get from this pasta is almost equivalent to two servings of rice plus a generous helping of chicken spinach. Super hungry? Order this.

Their other creations would have to wait until I find myself in the area again. Not only am I looking forward to tasting Goodles’ famous Grape Carbonara (P165) and Moroccan Beef (P145), I’m excited as well whether they’d remember me (as the glutton who tried to order as much as she can) and get my name right this time around.

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