All I Need Is A Press

I am so glad that Press Cafe, my favorite mall café located within Fully Booked, is now open again.

They say you only miss something when it is no longer there. Well, that was kind of how I felt when one of my favorite places at Rockwell closed for renovation. I am always on the lookout for the perfect balance of quiet and noise whenever I decide to work outside the office. Cafés are perfect candidates but most of them get crowded easily and most, of course being a café, do not serve real food. I define real food as a meal with rice and delicious viand to go with it. When Press Café located within Fully Booked (a great plus) closed for renovation, I had to scramble and settle for second-rate temporary workplaces.

Press Café is inside Fully Booked Power Plant Mall

I am so glad that it is now open again with a fancy new wall design that holds the free magazines available for patrons to browse while waiting for their food to be served. And not take it for granted again, I want to pay homage to my favorite mall café by sharing with you why when I need to zone in and be productive, I always say “All I need is a Press,” and then I am on my way to coming up with breakthroughs, beating deadlines and sealing deals. And as any foodie will know, it almost usually boils down to food.


The amazingly delicious Pressadilla (P225) has just the right amount of spice I can endure and is listed under appetizers. But often times when I finish one serving on my own, it is enough to replace a full meal. I can actually work for hours having only eaten this specialty.

Press Chops

For all those times that I stayed long enough to start with brunch or end around dinnertime, there are two dishes that satisfy my appetite. The Press Chops (P260) is a hearty meal with its generous serving of soft pork meat. There is also the Lemongrass Chicken (P220) for the days when I fee like picking out the less evil of meats.

Lemongrass Chicken

Very rarely I do miss out on the rice, like when I start work during merienda hours. But then I still crave for something hot and heavy, so instead I go for the soup. And I must say their Pumpkin Soup (P145) is a winner. It has enough thickness to soothe my throat and my tummy.

Pumpkin Soup

Almost every single time I am there I order my usual tea and I always have fun choosing my pastry for the day because most, if not all their pastries, are so yummy. Whenever I have no time to choose, though, then no problem. Nothing beats the Pistachio Sansrival (P130) as the perfect pair for whatever it is you decide to order as drink.

Pistachio Sansrival

I should also mention that two to three times a week they have Tarot Card Reading, another interesting distraction I enjoy via the facial expressions come reading time. And when you are quite friendly with the staff already, then just maybe they will allow you to leave your things for a bit, while you browse the latest book and magazine titles at the book store.

So when you feel like you are in a rut or work is becoming like a total bore, pack up your laptop and tell your boss you need a press.


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