Yummy Roast

Asian chicken at its juicy best.

Chicken never goes out of style. It is a staple in almost every type of cuisine, it can be cooked and prepared in so many different ways. Many chicken specialty restaurants are sprouting around the city, serving their chicken roasted, fried, baked, and so much more.

Yummy Roast takes this trend a step further with their Yummy Chicken. Its skin is similar to that of Peking Duck, and its meat is so tender that it oozes with juice. The subtle garlic and savory taste of the meat is complimented by the signature Yummy Rice, similar to Hainanese chicken rice. The meal comes with a vinegar dipping sauce.

Yummy Chicken meal

For only P98, you can already get a Yummy Chicken meal with unlimited plain rice — cheaper and quite healthier than other fast food restaurants. Add only P20 for unlimited Yummy Rice, their special rice infused with chicken essence, lemongrass, and Asian spices. This rice is so good, you can eat it on its own.

Yummy Chicken

Yum Roast International, Inc.
in partnership with Singapore based company, The Asian Kitchen, have found a way to combine authentic Asian flavors with advanced cooking technology that does not compromise flavor or quality. They have found a way to give you an inexpensive but tasty meal served to you in less than five minutes! And I thought Chinese restaurants were already fast. Surprisingly, their roast chicken is not as oily, considering the speedy preparation. The end result is a quick but healthy meal, a tough combination to find.

Yummy Pork Belly

Yummy Pork Asado

Aside from the Yummy Chicken, more highlighted meals are the Yummy Pork Belly (P98) and the Yummy Pork Asado (P98). Both meals are served with unlimited rice. The Pork Belly is slightly spicy and similar to the Filipino liempo, compared to the pork asado which tastes sweet.

Meat Sauce Noodles

The Meat Sauce Noodles (P50), with either a minced meat sauce or a sweet and spicy Zhajiang sauce, is Yummy Roast’s take on Asian noodles. Do not make the mistake of ordering the Zhajiang sauce for kids, it may look like kiddie spaghetti but it’s pretty spicy.

Tofu with Sauce

The Tofu with Sauce (P50), with either minced meat or sweet and spicy Zhajiang sauce, is light but flavorful. It’s nothing too complicated.

If you aren’t a big fan of rice, you can have the Pork Belly Pan de Pao (P50), which is a slice of pork belly sandwiched in pan de pao (like siopao) bread. You can also try out the Mini Pan de Pao with Zhajiang sauce (P50).

Mini Pan de Pao with Zhajiang sauce

If you’re looking for meal combos, their 1 Piece Chicken with Yummy Rice is only P55, while the 1 Piece Chicken and Noodles combo is priced at P75 — both reasonable, pocket-friendly prices.

Longgan Drink

Their bottomless soda and bottomless iced tea go for only P35. They also serve an exotic Longgan Drink (P35). Albeit something you may have never tried before, it could be the perfect summer cooler. Other refreshing options are the Black Jelly Drink (P35), Vanilla Yogurt (P40), and Yogurt with Strawberry Toppings (P45). They intend to add even more yummy Asian inspired items on their menu.

If you’re out for a quick bite or a yummy meal, give Yummy Roast a shot, located at the 2nd floor of the Eastwood Citywalk 2 area, just by the escalators. Watch out for a Yummy Roast opening near you, because they intend to open five more branches all around the metro by the end of this year.


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