Summer is Forever with CaliforniaBerry

Fruity, cool, and colorful, CaliforniaBerry serves up your favorite 100% nonfat frozen yogurt--and more!

The month of May is nearing its end, but the scorching sun just won’t let up. It seems summer does not want to let go of us entirely yet. This leaves us city dwellers aching for the sun, sand, and flipflops to replace our concrete jungle, hard pavements, and heels that hinder our freedom to wiggle around our toes. The next best thing, then, is to just bring the cool and the refreshing right into our city — this is where desserts come into play. And with so much frozen delights peppering our metro to beat the heat, we get by — one scoop, one spoon at a time.

What with our country’s weather and increasing number of health conscious eaters, frozen yogurt is here to stay. Fruity, cool, and colorful, CaliforniaBerry serves up your favorite 100% nonfat frozen yogurt and more. Just entering the cool air-conditioned establishment is a luxury in itself during the hot and humid afternoon. And to have cups upon cups of the swirly, tarty fro-yo? Heat buster, indeed!

Experience flavorful authentic Nonfat Frozen Yogurt and more at this colorful dessert hub. Bong Canlas, Area Manager of CaliforniaBerry, shares to us their store’s best sellers and latest menu additions.

Fresh Fruit Blends

By default, most would make a beeline to Californiaberry for their signature frozen yogurt, but you can also cool down with their glasses of Fresh Fruit Blends (P95 each). It comes in five flavors, combining the goodness of fruit with yogurt. These drinks are more juice than smoothie, so they are light on the palate. Flavors to choose from are DoubleBerry (strawberry and blueberry), BananaRama (kiwi, banana and mango), MangoTango (mango, banana and peach), and FluShot (strawberry, kiwi and orange). I like tarty fruits, so the DoubleBerry is my kind of drink. You can also make your own blend (WhipItUp), by choosing and blending hree fruits available.

Organic Coffee

They’ve also added freshly brewed coffee into their beverage list, answering the caffeine needs of some fro-yo lovers. Their Organic Coffee (P85) gets the job done as a perk-me-up.

Before diving into the cool and tarty goodness of the beloved frozen yogurt, we made a point to order a couple of CaliforniaBerry’s newer offerings. We noticed they already had food in their menu, so we didn’t want to miss out on that. Their menu is still lean, now offering a little bit more than yogurt with their low calorie servings of drinks and food.

Spaghetti Bolognese

They have four pasta dishes to choose from, and these are priced affordably. Each serving is just enough for one, and costs not more than P150. I got to try the Spaghetti Bolognese (P125) first, which sent my tastebuds back to my childhood years. I’m sure kids will love this one, as it reminds me of birthday spaghetti, the ones our favorite titas and lolas would cook when we’d celebrate someone’s birthday. It’s al dente, sweet, with little globules of meat clinging on to the noodles.

Cheesy Lasagna

Now this next pasta is as good as its name. The Cheesy Lasagna (P145) is — you guessed it — very cheesy. Each forkful of this pasta delight will surely please the cheese lover in you. It’s simple comfort food goodness! One thing that the establishment can improve on, though, would be to present the dishes as photographed in their menu. It would be a big difference if these pasta items were served on a colorful plate, with silver utensils, rather than utilitarian plastic ‘to-go’ packaging. This would definitely match the bright and summery feel of CaliforniaBerry.

After trying out their newer offerings, it was time to enjoy their fro-yo treats. They offer Original (Small – P60, Medium – P85, Large – P115), which is your classic ‘naked’ flavor of frozen yogurt, and Seasonal (Small – P65, Medium – P90, Large – P120), which changes from time to time. Past seasonal flavors include matcha, blueberry, and strawberry. Toppings are priced P20 (1 topping), P30 (2 toppings), and P40 (3 toppings).

CaliforniaBerry Special

We weren’t in a DIY topping mood that afternoon, so we requested for their best-selling Signature Creations (Original – P125 Medium, P155 Large; Seasonal – P130 Medium, P160 Large) instead. First one was the CaliforniaBerry Special, original flavor topped with mango, kiwi and strawberry. This one’s a no-brainer combination for that classic fruits in fro-yo dessert.

Their Blueberry Morning is what I fondly label as a breakfast froyo. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to a bowl of your favorite fro-yo topped with almond clusters, rice crisps, and blueberry? It’s a cool and healthy take on eating cereals.

Blueberry Morning

Surprisingly, while the previous two frozen yogurts have pleased my palate, the ‘kiddie froyo’ was the one that won me over that afternoon. CaliforniaBerry’s Rainbow Overload is named perfectly — both visually and gastronomically.

Rainbow Overload

One serving gives you a generous toppings of colorful crisp chocolate seeds, rainbow sprinkles, and mini marshmallows. We had it with their seasonal flavor, strawberry, so the soft serve frozen yogurt had a little blush. It was so cheerful and bubbly, and could pass as Katy Perry’s choice of dessert in her California Gurls music video.

A spoonful of this one is a party of flavors and texture in your mouth — there’s the smoothness and tartness of the yogurt, the saccharine and crunchy burst of sprinkles; a crisp, chocolatey dimension care of the chocolate seeds, and the fluffy, pillowy comfort of the marshmallows. It was my personal heaven for that afternoon, and surely it will be for more sunny afternoons to come.


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