9 Bacon Dishes around Metro Manila Every Bacon-Lover Should Try

Ba-con? More like, Ba-CAN!

Bacon. Doesn’t the mere mention of that makes your heart beat fast? There’s a reason why the iconic phrase “bacon is life” was born⁠—it’s because while this food is undeniably stellar on its own, it is also great as a garnish for other dishes, whether that’s a classic burger or a creamy pasta. It’s so versatile that you can pair it with anything⁠—yes, even dessert! Don’t believe us? Check out this list of all the best bacon dishes in the metro and thank us later. 

1. Ate Rica’s Bacsilog

Image: Ate Rica's Bacsilog 

If you’re serious about being a bacon connoisseur, you have to start with a classic: the bacsilog. Ate Rica’s Bacsilog offers one of the best versions of our beloved silog meal⁠—and their many fans can vouch for it. You can’t really call yourself a La Sallian without having tried it once in your life (they started as a humble stall on the campus) but even non-alumni have been hooked on it ever since the brand has expanded and started to franchise! Their formula is simple: rice, bacon (which you can request to be cooked however you want⁠—we recommend well done and crispy!) and egg. What really makes their bowl special though is their signature cheese sauce which makes every flavor there work so perfectly together. 

2. Brick Burger’s The Juggernaut

Image: Brick Burger

We’ve all enjoyed a good bacon cheeseburger or two, but have you ever tried a bacon burger that looks like a LEGO? Brick Burger, the first restaurant in the country which follows the theme of the iconic toys, puts a spin on their food by serving them with LEGO-shaped bread. Order the Juggernaut, an impressive burger with a beef patty, mozarella, pepperoni, sausage, and bacon if you’re wanting to load up on the protein. While the bacon is not exactly the star of the dish, it does make a perfect combination with the rest of the ingredients this looker has. Oh, and don’t you just find those black brick buns insta-pretty? 

3. H.I.D. Burgers’ The Big Dogg

Image: H.I.D. Burgers

It’s quite obvious that a burger shop as good as H.I.D Burgers has good cheesy bacon packers, but what many don’t know is that it does a pretty good job on their hotdogs as well! Their Big Dogg is definitely not for the faint-hearted. You have to be ready to smash their big serving of Hungarian sausage wrapped in juicy bacon strips placed on a bed of lettuce and onions. Adding a finishing touch is their drizzle of cheese sauce⁠—and if you’re really hungry, an additional serving of their potato wedge fries. Grab lots of tissues before digging in! 

4. Jollibee’s Pancake Sandwich

Image: Jollibee

Real talk: Jollibee does phenomenal breakfasts, end of story. Probably one of its best inventions is the Pancake Sandwich which is made with all things good and right about the first meal of the day: fluffy pancakes, egg, and a slice of cheese. It’s so good that the fast-food has decided to bring it back to its menu, and what’s not to love really? As simple (and affordable) it is, the sandwich makes the perfect balance of sweet and savory with its combination. It’s the perfect breakfast for those moments when you can’t decide which one to get! 

5. Single Origin’s BLT Salad

Image: Single Origin

Brunch haven Single Origin definitely had its act together when it created the BLT Salad, a bowl of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, grainy mustard, fried egg, shaved parmesan, and bacon strips. Imagine: something green and healthy with a little delicious twist like bacon? Who wouldn’t love ordering that as the perfect excuse for staying on your diet? Sure, the bacon isn’t that much, but the addition of its bits makes the bowl so much more interesting and flavorful⁠—perfect if you’re just starting on your diet and couldn’t quite commit to a full-blown no meat salad yet.

6. The Bowery’s The Elvis

Image: The Bowery

The Bowery takes its promise of providing the ultimate comfort food pretty seriously. So serious, in fact, that it has even added bacon⁠—a top brunch pièce de résistance⁠—into its alcoholic drinks. Yes, they have a bacon whiskey shot and its pretty good, if you ask us. Inspired by the iconic star Elvis Presley, The Bowery’s Elvis is a bacon whiskey shooter mixed with banana liqueur and peanut butter, finished with a piece of bacon on top. That does sound like a pretty odd combination, but the bitterness and bite of the whiskey actually work well when combined with the sweetness of the peanut and banana and the slight saltiness of the bacon. Try it if you dare! 

7. Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse’s Jera’s Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos

Image: Fat Daddy's Smokehouse

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse is the perfect place to visit if you’re set on going over-the-top on your cheat day. The family-owned restaurant (which, by the way, nearly burned down while the owners were testing and perfecting their food) serves the most sinfully-delicious smoked pork and ribs. When it comes to bacon though, its one of their starters that definitely takes the cake. Jera’s Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos is definitely one of those plates that have no chill when it comes to toppings. Layers of BBQ nachos are topped with smoked pulled pork, smoked bacon, salsa, jalapenos and a combo of three sauces⁠—homemade cheese sauce, alabama bbq sauce, and bbq sauce. It is so big that a serving of one is enough to be your main dish so make sure you have a friend with you if you’re planning to demolish it! 

8. Kat’s Cafe’s Pancetta Carbonara

Image: Kat's Cafe

We don’t know about you, but when it comes to carbonara, we’re a firm believer that the quality (and amount) of bacon there is what makes or breaks a plate. Kat’s Cafe’s Pancetta Carbonara is a dish that in our book has perfected this, with its thinly sliced bits of pancetta⁠—aka, a fancy way of saying bacon⁠—that makes the rest of the flavors there pop. Kat’s version is specifically creamy thanks to the perfect combo of parmesan and the addition of egg yolk on the linguine pasta. You’ll definitely have enough zabbling sauce left for the bread that comes with a plate of one. 

9. Merry Moo Ice Cream’s Candied Bacon Ice Cream

Image: Merry Moo Ice Cream

Okay, before you back out, hear us out first: Bacon Candied Ice Cream. You’re probably giving us a side-eye right now, but believe us, it works! It helps that Merry Moo Ice Cream⁠—an artisanal shop that uses fresh milk and cream⁠—makes their ice cream really light to the palate, so you don’t have to worry about having an ugly boxing fight of flavors in your mouth once you try their creation of cinnamon ice cream with bits of candied smoked bacon. There is just the right punch of saltiness there that makes the sweetness taste so much better: think salted caramel if you want a reference. 


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