WATCH: Feed Your Edge on Yellow Cab’s ‘You Do You’ Campaign

The New York-style pizza joint calls for individuals and groups alike to feed their edge!

Inspired by the values and themes that move today's culture, Yellow Cab has recently launched a brand-new campaign dubbed You Do You!

Check it out below:

This is Yellow Cab's first TV commercial since joining Max's Group Inc, showing that it is #SoWorthIt when You Do You. The New York-style pizza joint promises to encourage individuals and groups alike to feed their edge and curiosity, celebrate passions, and breed positivity. Whether it is sports, mobile gaming, dance, music, or even gender equality, Yellow Cab encourages you to nourish your passions and celebrate shared interests with your circles.

Yellow Cab also promises to support you as you live your best life with its flavorful, edge-to-edge toppings on its signature edge-to-edge pizzas, however way you like it; whether it’s by the box or an XL Pizza Slice!

For more details, check out Yellow Cab's social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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