Jamba Juice: Live Fruitfully

Your healthy option to quench parched throats this summer.

Wearing a band to show your support for a cause is getting popular these days. As for me, I’ve always been a Livestrong girl. I wear the yellow band whenever I can to show my support to the fight against cancer. All the other colored bands that have been handed to me in various events I have attended, while appreciated, did not speak to me as much as the one I am already wearing until recently.

As the informal and intimate press conference for the soft opening of Jamba Juice in Alabang Town Center was drawing to a close, the guests of honor were asked to give their closing remarks. When Thibault De Chatellus’, VP for Global Franchise and Development, turn to speak came he shared that the reason why he was attracted to work for the brand is that it represents the lifestyle he wants to lead. “To stress more on this, we hand out orange bands with the words Live Fruitfully,” he said as he took out a bag filled with bands to be given to each person in the second floor of the brand’s second shop in Southeast Asia. He went on to explain that there is hope for everyone to be healthy as it is only a matter of constantly reminding yourself to develop good habits until it becomes a lifestyle.

Southeast Asia Jamba Juice flagship shop

Employees participate in the soft launch of the ATC branch

I tend to not easily believe press releases but listening to this executive clad in corporate suit, who earlier did not get tired of giving high fives to every person who warmly welcomed them, somehow sparked something in me especially since he did not end his spiel with the usually annoying reinforcement of the brand. With people like this working behind a global brand with a strong following from a growing niche market of health conscious patrons, you are to a certain degree assured that the marketing gimmicks are not far from the actual product.

Jamba Juice executives

The energetic staff, the warm colors all around and the fresh ingredients lined up behind the counter underpin the active and dynamic vibe consistent to the branding. If you want to be more scientific about it, there are collaterals available for consumers detailing the calories, saturated fat, carbs and sodium of every item in the menu.

Biking and blending

The dynamo staff

When I finally got to taste one of their best sellers, the Strawberries Wild Smoothie (Classic Smoothies come in Small-P135, Medium-P155, and Large-P195). I savored every sip before dishing out my verdict. The classic smoothies are made from whole fruits and juices blended with nonfat frozen yogurt and sherbet. In particular, the drink I enjoyed had strawberries, bananas, apple-strawberry juice and frozen yogurt equal to about 2 ½ fruit servings. The Power Serving Size is broken down to 510 kcal, no saturated fat, 118 g of carbs and 15 mg of sodium as per the table in the flier.


Strawberries Wild

Yogurt and Fruit Parfait (P150-12oz.), Classic Smoothie, Steel-Cut Oatmeal (P80-P95)

While I can taste the different ingredients individually, they do blend well together and best of all it was actually flavorful for something claiming to be healthy. Another thing is, I felt full halfway through the cup. I can see how each serving can be a meal replacement because it really does fill your stomach. I always thought people flock to their pioneering flagship shop in BGC Centrale just for a quick dessert. But after my experience, I say people actually go there to have something refreshing to drink while strolling around, or to drink while catching up with friends, much like a replacement to the usual fattening latte from popular cafes.

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The Jamba story

Like it? If not, they’ll change it

Kiddie corner

Shop counter

I also took small bites of the Gobble-licious Sandwich that they served and as with the smoothie, the ingredients namely turkey, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and olive oil on ciabatta bread, complement each other resulting to a tasteful healthy snack but just like the beverage I only ate half of it because it filled up my stomach fast.

Healthy snacks: pair your smoothies with flatbreads, wraps, and sandwiches

Steel-cut oatmeal: organic steel-cut oats slow cooked with soymilk and with your choice of toppings.

Jamba Juice Philippines is committed to opening more branches in the coming months, giving more Filipinos, and that includes me, access to one more healthy option to quench parched throats this summer and every season thereafter.

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