A Pinch of Italy and a Dash of New York: Dining at Nolita

This new pizzeria at Bonifacio High Street Central is home to all sorts of mouth-watering grub.

When I was a little girl, my idea of pizza was a large, single slice of pepperoni pizza dripping with mozzarella cheese and served on a paper plate. Sound familiar? It probably is to those of you who frequent S&R for your grocery needs. There was a time when my parents enjoyed shopping there during weekends, and I would almost never leave the place without a slice of pizza in hand. Over the years, our visits to the establishment dwindled because the location (it was very near my late grandmother’s home) is rather far from home. I have greatly missed eating large slices of pizza off paper plates, so I was more than happy to visit Nolita, a new pizzeria with a pinch of New York and a dash of Italy located at the end of Bonifacio High Street.

Check out Nolita at Boni High Street Central

Patrick Santos, the managing partner who is also responsible for well-known establishments Il Ponticello and Borough, told us that the name Nolita, sometimes written as ‘NoLIta’, comes from the term ‘North of Little Italy’, a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan. Nolita aims to bring the authenticity of a New York pizzeria to the Metro, and I believe that they’ve done a great job. The restaurant is home to pizzas, burgers, salads and all sorts of delicious, mouth-watering grub with choice drinks. Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll see a large counter, rows and rows of picnic tables and benches, and a really cool-looking wall with all these desk lamps attached to it like little metal monsters.

Just like in the Big Apple, Nolita encourages its customers to pay for and enjoy their food, school cafeteria style. You line up at the counter, choose from the menu—it’s a very interesting one, too— pay for your food, grab a seat and claim it from the counter once your number is called.

The number one rule for maximum enjoyment? Put down your fork and eat with your hands. That’s right, folks of the Metro—welcome to your little piece of New York City.

We asked Patrick to choose which dishes he wanted us to try, so we were treated to two large slices of pizza—the Wild Mushroom Walnut Ricotta (P250 per slice) and the Pesto Grilled Chicken with Sundried Tomato (P250 per slice), the Nolita Burger (P420), a Cannoli (P85) and the famous Watermelonade (P160). I was really hungry that night, so I had been more than looking forward to partaking of Nolita’s amazing comfort food.


Regular Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

The pizzas slices are huge! I think they’re about 20 inches in diameter, which makes them ideal for sharing with a friend. The Wild Mushroom Walnut Ricotta is pleasantly light and tasty; I’ve a feeling it’s bound to be a hit among the vegetarians and the health-conscious. I love how the walnuts give it that certain distinct taste—it’s not just your ordinary mushroom-and-cheese pizza.

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Wild Mushroom Walnut Ricotta

I am, however, leaning more towards the Pesto Grilled Chicken with Sundried Tomato because of my most favorite things in the world: the sundried tomatoes. It’s a little more filling and packs a bit of a stronger punch on the taste buds thanks to its ingredients, but both are spectacular in their own ways, nonetheless.

Pesto Grilled Chicken with Sundried Tomato

When the Nolita Burger arrived, I almost didn’t want to eat it because it had this perfect, perfect fried egg sitting on top of the patty. Of course, my desire to eat it won out over the want to stare at it, so we ended up cutting it in half, anyway. The Nolita Burger is a tasty concoction composed of a 6 oz Angus beef patty in a homemade bun with bacon, blue cheese, caramelized onions and yes, that perfect egg. In all honesty, I am not a big fan of burgers, but I was pleasantly surprised upon taking a bite of my Nolita Burger. The Angus patty was tender and cooked to perfection, and all the ingredients came together harmoniously. I highly recommend this to all the burger lovers out there because it will make you one very, very happy diner.

Nolita Burger

For dessert, we had the Cannoli, a Sicilian pastry. I’ve never had a cannoli before, so it was a refreshing experience for me to try it. It’s this tube-like fried dough with a creamy filling inside. Nolita put a zesty twist on their version of the cannoli by adding dried orange peels, which made all the difference in the world. It’s sweet and tangy, and it goes perfectly with a light meal.


The Watermelonade—which can be ordered either virgin or spiked—is one of Nolita’s most brilliant creations. We had ours spiked, which was perfectly complementary to our meal and our mood.


It’s best taken with several of Nolita’s dishes; you’ll experience a slight but pleasant buzz that will help you go to bed warm and happy. With this in mind (and in the recesses of your bellies!), do consider Nolita as one of your ideal places for a hearty lunch or a good nightcap.

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