Apartment 1B

It's such a treat to have one of my favorite restaurants closer to home at Rockwell Center.

Lazy Sundays are the best. Even when I have to do some work on a day usually assigned for rest, there is something about Sunday that changes my pace. I do most of my work in Rockwell, so all I have to do is go down from my place and walk a bit to my favorite spot in my café or restaurant for the day, where I can work alone or have meetings. I felt sad when the entire Block 9 (the area of Starbucks, Good Earth Roasts and Grams Diner) was closed off to give way to another condominium building. My only consolation is the promise of new potential hangouts right next door at One Rockwell.

Apartment 1B is one of my favorites, so to have it close to home is such a treat. It was expectedly full on a Sunday, so I tell the waiter that I’d wait outside while I wait for a table and my friends to arrive. I take a corner table while I study the menu.

Inside, the familiar homey feel of the original branch in Salcedo Village is successfully duplicated. But now, with higher ceilings, hence more breathing space. I like flowers, so the orchids lining up the staircase and as centerpieces were very much appreciated and left a smile on my face.

During the first few weeks of its opening, I was warned by a neighbor to expect slow service; it’s also the reason why it took me a while before coming down to their new branch. But now it seems that the staff vastly improved. As soon as we were seated, someone took down our order, and one waiter is ever ready to fill up near empty glasses of water. The food was also served timely.


We felt like eating fish, so two of us ordered the Grilled Blue Marlin (P650). I had mine with rice, while my friend Janice had hers with fries. It was an excellent choice, as the big slice of fish was perfectly cooked. It was soft enough that you didn’t need a knife to cut through it. My favorite of all the things in the entire plate though was the chorizo tomato relish. I normally don’t like to put anything else on my fish especially if it is already cooked well, but I cannot say not to such beautiful flavors.

Grilled Blue Marlin

Chi, who felt like eating meat, had the Baby Back Ribs (P630). This is one of my usuals, so I wanted to check if it is just as good here.
A common pitfall of restaurants that decide to expand is that some of their dishes taste different from the original. The weeks of taking note of their clients’ feedback probably paid off, because this dish proved to be the same yummy, saucey ribs, paired perfectly with one of the best mashed potatoes in town.

Baby Back Ribs

For dessert, we decided to go healthy so we picked the Fruit Plate (P270) and the Low Sugar Gateau de Crepe (P210) with tea and coffee. The fruits were fresh, and for the price, it was really worth it as they had generous servings of each kind. As for the crepe, we were all happy to have found something to eat without feeling guilty.

Fruit Plate

Low Sugar Gateau de Crepe

The hunt for a replacement Sunday retreat in Rockwell is now over. Hopefully, as each board goes down, there will be more good restaurants to follow.

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