Celebrating Hometown Glory with Red Buffalo Wings and Pizza

Indulge in chicken wings, pizza, and other lip-smacking Western dishes.

One of the current trends in the Philippine dining scene right now is the bringing in of restaurants from their areas of origin in order to provide the Metro with some authentic cuisine. I am actually a big fan of this movement; it instills a deeper appreciation for foreign culture as well as encourages foreign dining establishments to put up branches in the country because the demand for authentic cuisine is steadily increasing.

However, we Filipinos will always pride ourselves in being the sentimental type. We often find ourselves giving full support to establishments that are resulting achievements of lifelong dreams. This is exactly what attracted me to Red Buffalo Wings and Pizza—not only is it a result of something that a group of enthusiastic, passionate people have always wanted to do, but it is also geographically close to my area of residence.

During my visit to the restaurant, I had the opportunity to speak with both Operations Manager Cheska Zamora and Head Chef Jethro Mediarito. Jethro, a graduate of CCA, has always been interested in putting up an establishment of his own. Together with their fellow co-owner, Jopet Balane, they were able to make their dreams come true.

The tandem wanted to create a family-friendly establishment where patrons can enjoy the comfort of delicious Western food at a fair price. “To some, Buffalo wings always go in tandem with beer,” Cheska shared. “Though we offer a variety of beers to go with our food, we also incorporated other food such as pizza and pasta into our menu. Not many restaurants serve pizza with their wings, so I guess that is what makes us different.”

A quick glance at the interior will tell you that Red Buffalo is going for a minimalist industrial vibe. Although made of easy-to-find, lightweight materials, the chairs and tables in the restaurant make you think of stone and steel due to the colors and the textures. The chalk-white wall sets off the red-and-white star-spangled strip—my favorite part of the restaurant’s design scheme—that lines the ceiling as well. Also, patrons are more than welcome to choose their drinks (they sell local and imported sodas and beers) from the refrigerator as it is displayed in plain sight right next to the counter.


Because this establishment is famous for its Buffalo wings, I will go straight to that first. We were served the 10 Piece Wings – Parmesan Garlic and Original Buffalo Hot (P320); there are no qualms about this being our favorite for the night because they were both so delicious. The Parmesan Garlic is Cheska’s personal favorite; I think I may have to go with her on that because I am such a cheese fan—it is certainly something that I haven’t tasted before. Despite its flavoring, it is not too salty and is actually extremely addicting. My friend Laurie, who is very fond of spicy food, was more partial to the Original Buffalo Hot; it is your typical spicy Buffalo wing made more exciting with the addition of their famous Suicidal Buffalo Wing Sauce.

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Parmesan Garlic wings

Original Buffalo Hot wings

Oh, if you’re not too fond of getting your fingers dirty, Red Buffalo provides plastic gloves to ensure maximum enjoyment of your chicken wings.

Aside from the wings, we were also served the Chicken Alfredo Pasta (P195). Their servings are quite large, so one order is enough to feed two people. I am pretty easy to please when it comes to pasta, so I enjoyed this dish very much. The sauce is very tasty and not too heavy, making it a complimentary companion to the Buffalo wings. We also had the RB’s Special Pizza (P395), a delicious all-meat pizza with a thin crust.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

RB’s Special Pizza

I would also like to lavish compliments on their Hickory Baby Back Ribs (P375). The meat is cooked so tenderly that it practically melts off your mouth; I love the sweet-spicy hickory barbecue sauce that they used because it gives the dish that unique, playful taste. The dish is served with a salad and some fries, so you definitely won’t go hungry after that.

Hickory Baby Back Ribs

For drinks, we each had a glass of their House Blend Iced Tea (P55). This is freshly brewed in-house using Cheska’s own special recipe; it is refreshing and goes well with the food items on their menu. We also took up their offer to have milkshakes for dessert. I had a Vanilla Milkshake (P140), while Laurie had a Mint Choco Chip (P140). The vanilla-flavored shake was standard in terms of taste as far as milkshakes go (I had to have it; I love vanilla), but the Mint Choco Chip is definitely something worth treating your taste buds to.

House Blend Iced Tea

Vanilla and Mint Choco Chip Milkshake

Red Buffalo Wings and Pizza is the place to be if you’re looking for a good place to indulge in fairly-priced quality comfort food. It is not just a place for friends to kick back and relax with a bottle of Jack, but also a place for the family to get together for a heart-warming meal.

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