10 Restaurants for Healthy and Delicious Bowls in Metro Manila

Eating healthy has never looked this good.

If only eating healthy can be easily turned on with a switch, our lifestyles will be so much better. If you’re like the rest of us mere humans, however, then we’re sure you’ve also come face-to-face with a situation where you went for the fatty, oily dish over the obviously healthy bowl on the menu.

Thinking of trying to eat healthier but couldn’t find the motivation to do it? Maybe all you need is a little aesthetic push to get you going! Check out this list places serving the prettiest bowls that might just inspire you to tweak your diet.

1. Medley Modern Mediterranean

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Even those who have an aversion to anything green and healthy will give Medley’s healthy bowls a second look. Packed with fresh ingredients, this food stop makes the whole concept of ‘ordering a salad’ appealing because of how beautiful they arrange their bowls. There’s almost like an art to how they play with the colors and textures—and it helps a lot that they taste good, too. We love how flavorful their Lemon & Herb Chicken salad is thanks to its garlic sauce that won’t make you feel like you’re just munching on ‘green water.’ Besides their salad bowls, Medley Modern Mediterranean also offers pizzas, hummus bowls, and wraps.

2. SaladStop


healthy food spots in metro manila clickthecity
Image: Salad Stop

SaladStop isn’t the go-to healthy place of many for nothing. There’s something about the fresh ingredients laid out in front of you and the way they are assembled on the spot that just pulls you in. We love how every order has the perfect greens to meat ratio—also, how each bowl is already mixed when served so you don’t have to struggle with it anymore. Our favorites are the Omega 3 Baby! and Tuna San bowls. Salad Stop also has a seasonal rotation of salads as well.

3. Sushi Nori

healthy food spots in metro manila clickthecity
Image: Sushi Nori

Want to eat healthy but not ready to drop rice yet? Go for the fresh picks from Sushi Nori! What’s so great with their bowls is that you can choose to switch your white rice with brown rice to make them friendlier on your diet. You even have the option to have your toppings on top of some salad instead! Our favorites are the Aburi—which comes with torched salmon, wakame, ebiko, tamago, and bonito flakes—and the Samba bowl, a spicier version with salmon, spicy mayo, mango, cucumber, and tempura flakes.

4. Sunnies Café

healthy food spots in metro manila clickthecity
Image: Sunnies Café

Sunnies Café is one of those places that prides itself on its on-point aesthetics so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that its visual taste shows on its menu, too. This brunch spot doesn’t have a shortage of IG-worthy plates, but topping its ‘healthy’ category is its Acai Bowl. This colorful breakfast—or light snack, whatever floats your boat—treat is made of acai juice, non-fat milk, berries, avocado, granola, and honey and mint leaves. Want something a little less sweet? Get their Greek Yoghurt Bowl with fresh fruits instead.

5. Green Pastures

healthy food spots in metro manila clickthecity
Image: Green Pastures

This farm-to-table restaurant is the type that will initially intimidate you because of its organic menu, but it’s the perfect place to visit if you want to feel inspired to eat healthily. We mean, even the names of their dishes sound good for the body. Our favorites are their Pronic Probiotic Roast Chicken (with kaffir lime, coconut milk, and palm sugar glaze) and Negros Province Lamb Barbacoa (slow-roasted lamb with native orange, achiote, cumin, and allium), both of which hit the right combo of meat and veggies.

6. Ono Poké

healthy food spots in metro manila clickthecity
Image: Ono Poké

Poké bowls are a Hawaiian classic made of diced fish, vegetables, and special sauces. These healthy bowls have blown up recently in the country and for good reason—they are healthy, while still providing the right amount of carbs. One of our go-to’s is Ono Poké, specifically their Spicy Tuna Crunch Bowl—made of tuna, nori, tempura flakes, cucumber, green onions, and spicy mayo sauce—and Crazy Kani Bowl with crab sticks, tempura flake, nori, fish roe, and cucumber. You can even switch the regular white rice to brown rice or cabbage, depending on how committed you are to your diet.

7. Peppy Olive

healthy food spots in metro manila clickthecity
Image: Peppy Olive

Okay, so this Mediterranean restaurant serves its food in rectangular paper plates instead of actual bowls, but Peppy Olive is SO good we just have to add it to this list. Fresh ingredients and special sauces are just some of the best things about this place which has nailed down the whole ‘healthy-but-aesthetically-messy’ vibe with their servings. You have the choice to customize your bowl and choose your base, protein (we love their pan-seared chicken and vegetarian falafel), side dishes, and sauce. Don’t have any idea about the best combinations? Peppy Olive also has signature bowls that you can order to get you started.

8. The Wholesome Table

healthy food spots in metro manila clickthecity
Image: The Wholesome Table

The Wholesome Table’s name alone is enough of an assurance that you’re only going to be eating healthy when you drop by for visit. Specializing in organic comfort food, this food spot uses only fresh ingredients that are crafted meticulously in every dish. Craving for a savory but healthy treat for breakfast? Get their Warm Quinoa Bowl Porridge made with superfood kale, free-range chicken, eggs, quinoa, and nourishing bone broth.

9. Hummus Elijah

healthy food spots in metro manila clickthecity
Image: Hummus Elijah

Hummus Elijah is the perfect place to visit if you want to be as authentic as you can with this Mediterranean fare. This Poblacion favorite churns out fresh, healthy, and absolutely delicious healthy plates developed from the authentic family recipes of its chef and owner. So creamy and flavorful is its hummus selection that even big fans of savory meat dishes can find it fulfilling. Craving for something green? Their Tabbouleh salad made with parsley, olive oil, bulgur, parsley, lemon, and herbs and spices is a good choice.

10. Berde Bowls

healthy food spots in metro manila clickthecity
Image: Berde Bowls

What sets Berde Bowls apart from the other healthy stops in this list is the Pinoy inspiration behind its bowls. Wholesome and homegrown (the place supports local producers by sourcing their ingredients from them), it is an ideal place to visit if you’re craving for something familiar but healthy. Each of its bowls are bursting with flavors, and you can also customize your order by choosing from rice, salad, or both for your base. We highly recommend their Roasted Beef Adobo for your choice of protein and their Green sauce.

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